Thursday, September 24, 2015


During New York Fashion Week, we attended Jay Godfrey's S/S 2016 NYFW Presentation which was held Saturday, September 12th at Pier 59 Studios. His Spring 2016 is inspired by the work of the late interior designer and architect David Collins.

Godfrey's collection specifically pays tribute to London-based Collins' use of simplicity, architectural lines, and text to create sensual environments that are simultaneously contemporary and established.

While Godfrey, who also works in the interiors milieu, was working on designing a hotel project in Seoul, Korea, he often looked to Collins' recently released coffee table book, ABCDCS that memorialized the late designer's work in hotels, restaurants, bars, and private residences.

Godfrey was struck by Collins' use of different shades of white, ivory, alabaster and cream and has created a Spring 2016 show as homage to his work.

His monochromatic palette was sophisticated and sleek, and marked a departure from his previously extremely colorful collections. Click here to view our write up and photographs of last season's collection.

And now for the people-watching!

Roger Padilha of MAO Public Relations has the most wonderful smile that makes him look like the proverbial "cat that ate the canary".

Mauricio Padilha, the other half of the PR dynamo, stopped just long enough for Jean to snap a picture with Valerie.

Faustina Rose wore a flower petal headdress and tiny metal dots under her eyes as accents.

We ran into photographer Andrew Werner all over town at NYFW.  Sometimes we get to chat and snap and other times, we see him running past on his way from one show to another.

Wasn't this guest lovely and well put together?

We couldn't resist a couple of street style shots of people like this dude, working his shorts and hoodie with a double breasted jacket and cap. Wouldn't this outfit translate to a uni-sex look (minus the sneaks, of course)?

The weather during fashion week was on the warm side and many dressed for the weather, not the event. This young lady worked her late summer look to perfection.  She was wearing a necklace by the same designer who did the WXYZ jewelry for the show. More about that below.

Another street style shot. This is Jordan, of Ambitious Commanders.  Love the hat - which he whipped up himself, for the event - paired with cropped pants, loafers and a moto jacket.

Tall, thin newly-wed Emily Kammeyer, who produces her own line of eponymous accessories, looks quite sophisticated in an understated way ...

... until one catches a glimpse of her wonderfully graphic nails!

We snapped these two gents in coordinated suits outside the event while we were waiting to get in.

Wish we had this lady's great muscle tone!

Floral prints were very big this year.  This lady looks very striking in her suit.

Needless to say, we took a special shine to this troika, all wearing headpieces by Laura Wass, founder of WXYZ Jewelry.  (We can easily imagine ourselves in them!)  That's Laura on the right.  Take a look at her website for her impressive resume.  Or take a look at her Instagram.  Or both!

And of course, when it was all over, we had to stop at a fabulous local dumpster, featuring one of our favorite Sesame Street characters, to add our own color to it.

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  1. I've never been a fan of all-white clothing, although some of the shapes are interesting, so I am definitely drawn more to the outfits on the attendees. Faustina looks lovely in her floral headpiece. I recognize those boots Valerie is wearing -- It's almost October!!