Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Last Saturday night, we invited the inimitable Sue Kreitzman to dinner at one of Jean's new finds, the Cafe Select.  It's a little Swiss bistro designed to look like a train station, complete with a large Rolex wall clock.  We took a seat on the banquette near the front window, which was wide open on the balmy night, and settled in for a lovely evening of tasty food and delicious conversation. After just a few visits, Jean has become addicted to the polenta in wild mushroom sauce and crispy zucchini chips, and we both like their Coral Reef cocktail, edged with finely ground pink peppercorn.  Sue ordered a Negroni made with Dorothy Parker gin (and asked that the bottle be brought to the table for an Instagram op).

Sue's signature look includes lots of color and amazing jewelry. That evening, she wore lots of pink and a striking Day of the Dead necklace of her own design.

It's impossible not to thoroughly enjoy oneself with Sue.  Engaged and engaging, her glass is always 3/4 full when others are wondering if their glass is half full or half empty.  (How does she do that?) We leaped from one topic to another seamlessly, never running out of things to laugh about.  If you need more information to understand for yourself what makes Sue inimitable, click on the link on our opening line. Or you can click here to view our post about dinner with Sue at Casa Lever; here for our post about our visit to Sue's amazing fun-house of an apartment; and here for our coverage of Sue Bourne's documentary Fabulous Fashionistas, featuring Sue and five other active, accomplished women living in the U.K.

Can you tell we're big fans? We can't wait for Sue's return in November. Till then, we'll make a few pilgrimages to Cafe Select.

* With gratitude to director Louis Malle, without whom this post's title would not have been possible.

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  1. I knew you were referencing "My Dinner with Andre" as soon as I saw your post title. I loved that film! I keep missing Sue when she is in NY which is so disappointing. How wonderful you were able to catch up over dinner.