Friday, September 18, 2015

GEORGINE SS16 At the Skylight at Moynihan Station

Last Sunday, we attended the runway show for GEORGINE at the Skylight at Moynihan Station, the magnificent old Post Office Building on 8th Avenue across from Madison Square Garden.  We were a stone's throw away from the Empire State Building, visible in the background. In a surprise turn of events, Jean got there early (!) and saved Valerie a place at the front of the line. While waiting to get into the show, we were photographed by none other than Bill Cunningham -- and a number of other photographers -- so we'll see where our photos show up. We have our fingers crossed for the front page of W. Ha!

Although the designer, Georgine Ratelband, is only 26, her collection is wonderfully inventive and cohesive. A 2011 graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Designo in Milan, she is passionate about the synthesis of culture, travel and femininity. Her take on a denim dress is decidedly feminine.  Her accessories were the perfect counterpoint to her slender silhouettes.

Her collection is an eclectic multi-continental approach, mirroring the designer's splitting of her time between the US, Europe and Asia. The shoes, especially those in blue, looked terrific on the runway and are from Go Melissa.  Sunglasses are by Moscot.

The brand's press release describes her clothing as inspiring an eclectic fusion of the electricity of New York, the sensuality of Paris and the chaotic energy of Bangkok, which can be glimpsed in every piece of GEORGINE’s collections.

Ric Pipino for Melville Pipino Salon styled the model's sleek hairstyles. Gordon Espinet with the MAC Pro Team did the makeup. Jewelry is by Patricia von Muslin. MAO PR is GEORGINE's PR firm.

It was refreshing to see a designer not afraid of color. We loved these vibrant yellow fingerless gloves paired with the dress with the yellow collar and fur sleeves.

The cobalt blue gloves and the round style sunglasses were the perfect accessory for this lady-like dress.

The pink accent helps to extend the line and elongate the torso. Check the two-toned collar in the  foreground and the pink sleeves on the dress in the backround.

The simple close cut of the clothes is reflected in the models' close to the skull hair-dos.

These mirror image dresses remind us of some of the work exhibited by the Museum of the City of New York in the Stephen Burrows exhibition.

These dresses are packed with subtle nuances. You just have to dig for them.

How fabulous is this color combo?

And this one.

OK - that was on the runway. Now for a view of what was happening off the runway.

The weather was quite balmy (a little like us!). So having to stand in line was not too hard a chore.

Linda Fargo from Bergdorf Goodman looked amazing in simple black and white.  Emily, her companion, had the same color scheme in opposite proportions.

Greg Asher aka Fashion Baggage flew in for fashion week.

We ran into Allan Kent who was looking great, as usual.

Just standing outside was a treat.  Doesn't she look great in motion?

Standing on line was fun too! The brunette on the right is wearing one of the new Valentino skirts.

Even the ushers were fabulous!

So many of the guests looked like they should be on the catwalk.

Loved this woman wearing the ribbon hat and tutu.  Turns out she's a milliner.  We've lost touch with her.  If anyone has her contact info, please connect us!

Bad picture, but it's man-about-town Michael Musto.  We see him here and there wearing VERY comfy shoes, and as both of us have foot issues as well, we sympathize and empathize.

Not surprisingly, we ran into the chameleonic Faustina.  You'll find her in our previous post, looking completely different.

Great minds think alike.

Let's close with this lady. (Remember her from our Chromat post?)  Standing next to her was our best idea of the evening.

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  1. I like the simple shapes and fun colours of the dresses in the show, and I'm strangely drawn to the denim "suit". Those floor-dragging fur boas are gorgeous! Glad to see you are enjoying some of the NYFW shows.