Thursday, September 3, 2015

Interview with 40+ Style

We recently wrote about meeting fellow blogger, Sylvia of Forty+ Style.  Click here for our post. We were lucky enough to meet with her while she's visiting New York for a month from her home base in Singapore. As a follow-up to our recent brunch with Sylvia and photographer Denton Taylor, she sent us a series of questions to elicit our thoughts about fashion and style and how we dress has changed as we have aged.

Yesterday, she ran our interview along with a number of terrific photographs taken by Denton, who also took all of the shots in this post!

Rather than repeat or summarize what we said, just click HERE to read her post, which we don't mind saying is terrific!

During brunch, Sylvia also interviewed us about how we define style and uploaded it to YouTube.  Click HERE to view her video of us in its full size.  If you want immediate gratification, click on the arrow below to see it in half size.

She interviewed our Canadian pal Shelley, aka Forest City Fashionista, and fellow New Yorker Lyn, aka Accidental Icon.  She also featured Sacramento, who wears amazing colors and is coming to New York next month to visit. Check out Sacramento's blog, Mis Papelicos.

Sylvia is convening a couple of blogger meetings this weekend (both involving food!), so we're looking forward to spending more time with her -- and many of our mutual friends -- and to meeting new birds of a feather.


  1. I am counting the days to meet you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Over the moon

  2. So all these beautiful ladies seem to come out of the wood with the same message!!!! Here we are!!!

  3. I loved the interview and the video! Sylvia has hit the jackpot in NY as far as great interview subjects.

  4. Your interview and video are fantastic! Looks like your are having a grand time with Sylvia, who is an amazing woman. Incredible hats, as always!