Saturday, November 19, 2016

TRIFECTA: Sue Kreitzman, Milliners' Guild Show at the Fire Museum and Rooftop Cocktails!

We have some serious catching up to do. It has been weeks since we've blogged about what we've been up to. (For the record, we have been posting to Instagram, because, well, it's more instant.)  We have an amazing array of fun stuff in the queue. First up? A tale about the day we took the amazing Sue Kreitzman to the New York City Fire Museum on Spring Street to see a hat exhibition sponsored by the New York Milliners' Guild and to Greenwich Avenue to have cocktails and chew the fat before she headed back to Jolly Olde you know where...  Above is a shot of us at Azul, the Cuban bar atop Hotel Hugo in Soho after the hat show.  What's not to love? Spending quality time with our favorite ex-pat looking at hats in a historic setting, followed by hanging out on a rooftop while sipping cocktails overlooking Soho on an Indian Summer afternoon. Heavenly!

We ran into this young woman and her partner and little their dog on the sidewalk down the street from the New York City Fire Museum when they admired out outfits.

We had no idea what to expect when we received the New York Milliners' Guild's invitation to a show of headwear inspired by fire and fire fighters at the New York Fire Museum on Spring Street.  We couldn't exclude any of the pieces in the shows and have included all of them here. The wide range of styles and materials was amazing.  The hat below, titled Valkyrie, by Ellen Christine Couture, is a flame-colored chiffon-like creation.

Kathy Anderson's black and red creation is Hot Fire Woman from Hats by Kat and Accessories Too.

Top That Fire by Sarah Sokol Millinery incorporates an embroidered patch with a fireman's hat and tools, brass chain trim on the brim and black leather and brass buckle.

The Shield by Wanda J. Chambers Once Upon a Hat resembles a stained glass window.

Skulls appear on several of the hats, but none so significantly as on this hat titled The Faithful Companion. Signage for this hat reads: Monika Stebbins, Monika Fine Millinery, Hats by Kat and Accessories Too.

How fabulous is this multi-level feathered fuchsia Firecracker by Linda Pagan of The Hat Shop?

On the main floor of the museum is a monument to Herman, one of the fire horses that pulled the ancient hand-pumper fire trucks through the streets of old New York. Sue posed next to the statue which we noticed was also wearing a hat!  This photo does the most justice to Sue's colorful outfit.  No shrinking violet, she is hard to miss with her large beaded neckpiece, beautiful purple jacket and matching bag, signature big red spectacles and bright patent Fit Flops.  What is a source of amazement is how approachable she is to passersby -- of any and every age -- despite (or because of?) her elaborate dress.  Her good humor and positive attitude are infectious.

Linda Ashton's Silver on Midnight hat mimics the shape of a fireman's helmet.

Jacqueline Lamont LLC's bright red Safety Rules hat features a Husky safety light mounted on the brim.

Catherine by Michael McCant of McCants Originals introduces a purple base into a mix of red and black feathers.

Fire Engine Red by Amanda John Millinery features a felted red fire engine on the front of a black leather brimmed cap.

Passion by Louis Quinones LAQ Chapelier  is a deep red velvet and lace saucer shaped confection.

Dragon Fighter by Dina Pisani for Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute affixes a tiny skull head on butterfly wings at the front of this crimson creation.

Barbara Volker Millinery incorporates a red, white and blue feather on the silver and gold decoration atop the black crown of its Ode to the Bravest.

Penny Klein Millinery's Phoenix is aptly named for the mythological bird that rises from its own ashes.

Evetta Petty's Harlem's Heaven Hats' entry is this stylish red Leather Topper.

Known for Kentucky Derby hats, Polly Singer Couture contributed the glamorous Gilded Flames to the show.

In an ode to classical literature and sculpture, the helmet shaped piece from Lisa Shaub Fine Millinery is called For Palas Athena.

Fire Dragon by Sally Caswell Millinery combines sequins, netting and feathers.

The Curl by Jennifer Hoertz Millinery is a minimalist's take on the exhibit's theme.

Gemini, a red and black bi-color felted wool hat ,is by Lisa McFadden Millinery.

On Fire! is the frothy, elaborate black and red feather and netting fascinator by Mary Ann Smith of The Tipsy Topper.

Smolder by Judith Solodkin of Solo Impressions, Inc, is encased in what looks like melted plastic.

Anne DePasquale's Flame is a dramatic pinkish red felted wool hat accented with a bright red and black curled feather.

Controlled Burn by Conney Borda of Eggcup Designs looks anything but controlled. Black and red feathers wildy spring like flames from its net base.

When we finished viewing the show (actually, when they threw us out at closing time), we walked west on Spring Street and took a left on Greenwich Avenue to the Hotel Hugo. Once inside, we took the elevator to the rooftop enclosed library-like bar which looks like a wonderful spot in cold and inclement weather.  We then had to walk up 1 1/2 flights to the rooftop bar. (Note to friends with scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and canes: you cannot get to the actual rooftop area without taking the stairs.  There is no elevator.)  Once there, we checked out the views and seating facing west and the river and were approached by a number of young women for photos.  After all the ladies finished, this group of gents approached for equal treatment.  In the spirit of "turn about is fair play", the ladies took their photo with us.

Because the setting sun was right in our eyes, we moved to the east side and settled into very comfortable sofas to enjoy delicious frozen cocktails and Cuban appetizers.

Daniel Bernstein was among two couples seated in adjacent tables and when he asked to take a photo of us, we insisted that the picture be a photo of him with us. Needless to say, we didn't have to ask him twice. If this is a new trend, we say "bring it on". Getting and being older is so much fun, why not spread it around?

Despite an iffy weather forecast for rain, we had sun for most of our outing. Luckily, the clouds didn't start to roll in until the evening was drawing nigh, which are visible in our parting shot of the Freedom Tower. Sue headed back to London very shortly after this get-together and we anxiously await her return.