Sunday, September 7, 2014

Katya Leonovich at New York Fashion Week

It's that crazy time of year again!  In Formula One car racing, they dubbed early September the "silly season".  In New York City, this week, it's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015.  Runway shows and events are happening all over the city, from Lincoln Center to Harlem, from Soho to Chelsea Piers.

On Saturday night, we went to Katya Leonovich's show way down by the West Side Highway.   (A whole other planet for us, even though it's in walking distance of the thriving Meatpacking District and the soon-to-expand-again High Line)  Production, press and casting were handled by the pros at MAO Public Relations.  (A special shout out to Mauricio and Roger Padhila, gurus of New York Fashion Week!)

Katya Leonovich continues to favor strong lines and unusual fabrics. We particularly loved these mesh boots, which showed up in several variations.  The lilac swimsuit was beautifully - and intriguingly - constructed.

That's a metallic linen top the model is wearing here, with a sheer linen skirt.  Quite a few pieces incorporate "3-D", according to our program.  We're not sure what that is, but it looks like soft ferns, and adds a great touch of contrast.  Many of the models wore glasses by the ever-inventive Belgian designer, Theo.

More sheer linen, with an interesting pleated treatment, and 3-D at the waist.  (Accessories and jewelry are by Morra Designs; Janis by Janis Savitt Jewelry; Jian Hui Accessories and Punchcase.)

Katya places this pleated material on an angle, adding tension to the design.

The blouse material is simply called "sponge".  We really want to know more about that.  The skirt is leather.

It looks as though Katya designs her clothes around the materials she buys.  You can just see her dreaming up this dress while looking at the material still on the roll.  (Hair was by Charlie Price and Ron Lopez for El Salon and makeup was by Ido Raphael Zadok at Factory Downtown.)

This outfit makes wonderful use of the "sponge" material.  The details at the shoulders and the bib work in the front are terrific.  No doubt you have noticed by now that Katya's models are nearly nude under these very sheer designs.  We assume that the commercial productions will have linings in them for those of us who don't quite look like the models.

Sponge used in a dress.  There are those great shoulders again.

This material is called "blue tech-mesh".  We're seeing a lot of mesh around these days in countless innovative designs, in keeping with the big trend for athletic wear reinterpreted for daywear.

The grand parade at the end.

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a bit of the finale in action.

If you want to see the video full size (remember we're technosaurs), click here.

Katya came out briefly to great applause and a bouquet of flowers.  It's always a surprise to see the designer come out not dressed in one of his or her own eye popping designs, until you think about the tornado of last minute work going on backstage.

Okay, so that's what it looked like on stage.  Now we'll show you what it looked like behind the scenes.  Actress Kimiko Glenn (right, haloed by her braided hair) who recently appeared on Orange is the New Black, and her friends stopped to chat and take some photos after the show.

Artist Marco Sanantiello was sporting some fab oversize sunglasses and a tee shirt emblazoned with none other than Ronald McDonald! We didn't realize this was go become an ongoing wardrobe theme for Marco until we saw him the just this evening at another show with a tee shirt featuring a large fabric hamburger.  HE can get away with it.

Designer Shek Moore wore one of her teeshirt dresses with a motto that echoed one of Jean's mom's laments until Jean finally got married at age 36! The gentleman in the left of the photo wore his heart on his sleeve and his opinion on his chest.

These two gorgeous blondes wearing a retro look were show-stoppers.

Fashion blogger and photographer Jordan Elias goes by the name Jojo. His website is Check out his Instagram sites @kingjoj0 and @fashionfreeks.

Photographer Gazelle Paolo was sitting next to us in the (ahem) front row and took a selfie. We have to admit that men with long arms have the definite selfie advantage.

We're so bad. Neither of us can find the info on this young man and his friend who stopped by to chat after the show.  His mohawk was fab and his sweatshirt crisp. (If anyone knows his or her name, please clue us in.)

More guests at the Katya show.  This foursome really brought their A-game Saturday night and rocked a black and white look -- and they were as sweet as they were glam.

Now is as good a time as any to raise the issue of ankles and feet and Fashion Week. Last year at this time, Valerie was in a large walking cast following foot surgery. This year, Jean twisted her left ankle and the top of her foot. Although she went to a podiatrist on Tuesday to check it out and get x-rays, as of late Sunday night, she still hasn't heard back from the doctor about the x-ray results. We'll see how this progresses.

What we're wearing: Jean is wearing: an Ignatius hat; Calvin Klein dress; DIY customized Danksos; Black Angela Caputi bracelets; Fabulous Fanny's vintage eyeglass frames; and back Futuro ankle brace that adjusts with velcro.

Valerie is wearing: David M feathered straw hat; Monies faceted earrings (originally yellow, dyed purple); Margot Rozanska silk jacket; Ivan Grundahl dress; child's multicolored block toy as bracelet; unlabeled cotton shoes.

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  1. I like Katya's fabric choices - the items you've shown here would make interesting layering pieces over some tights and a turtleneck. I love that last photo of the two of you - Jean, you must be eating your Wheaties as you look like you're 6 feet tall!