Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Visit to the Mischka Velasco Runway Show During Fashion Week

Just blocks away from the Empire State Building (since Lincoln Center is not the only whirlwind of activity during Fashion Week), we went to see Mischka Velasco's runway show, which was a bit fashion-as-campy-theater.  Vladimir, our master of ceremonies, opened the show with one of Mischka's natty tailored shorts suits (a sure sign of global warming).  He spun a mesmerizing introduction, but we were more fascinated by his rubber mask and striking garland of orange plumes.

The models came dramatically down a spiral staircase and stopped for effect in the semi-darkness.

There were a number of feathery confections.  This one is in sea foam green, with a matching hat.

A feathered vest.  What it lacked in length it more than made up for in high impact color.

We met Vladimir the night before (sans rubber mask), and Jean swears he was wearing this white double breasted shorts suit at the time (sans feathers, so if you were asking, no, they do not seem to be attached to the collar).  More yummy natty tailoring.

Hard to tell from our blurry photo (sorry!!), but this suit is cut from snakeskin printed cloth.  (Question: if shorts suits become popular in business or other formal settings, will men feel obliged to shave their legs?)

Here, a less formal shorts suit look.

Mischka also went in for wild prints.  This maxidress had cartoony patterns in vibrant colors.

This man wore a hooded jumpsuit with a cosmic print.

A favorite print of Mischka's, hinting at our burgeoning state of plutocracy, was of greenbacks.  There were several swim trunks, with a variety of hunky models to do them justice.

For the finale, Mischka herself walked down her runway, wearing a greenback print gown.

But you want to see some of the people who attended the show, right?  Josh, in the middle, is a budding designer.  (Yes, he designed his shirt.)  That's Rydell next to Jean (wearing another of Josh's designs) and Eddy next to Valerie.

Lora is a make-up artist and stylist.

Remember Marco and Shek from our previous post?  Marco is doing a cycle of fast food themed shirts; Shek made her fabulous dress.  Don't forget to take a peek at her Astro-turf-like bag.

We loved this glam duo.

Personal shopper Valerie ("") wore this way cool two piece dress (that's a bit of toned midriff at the center).  Perfect for the summer heat.

And for our own finale, everybody looks better when they stand next to Toni Michelle!

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  1. I like a nicely tailored shorts-suit on a man, if he's got good legs. The clothing in the show is fun, but I am more intrigued by the cool outfits worn by members of the audience. I really like Josh's shirts and Shek's dress is in my favourite summer colour combination.