Sunday, September 28, 2014

City Winery's Advanced Style Event

Last Monday evening, we went to an event at City Winery in Soho in honor of the opening of the Advanced Style documentary later that week. A crowd of very stylish "women of a certain age" and a number of other very well-dressed men and women of all ages.

As two large screens flanking the stage flashed slides of the start of the film, master of ceremonies Simon Doonan (Barney's Style Ambassador) took the stage to start the festivities.

Simon was soon joined by the brains of the operation -- Director Lina Plioplyte and producer Ari Seth Cohen, as well as the stars of the documentary. Simon asked the panel members a series of questions to get the discussion going and then took questions from the audience. From left to right: Lynn Dell Cohen, Tziporah Salamon, Jackie Tajah Murdock, Joyce Carpati, Debra Rapoport, Ilona Royce Smithkin, Lina Plioplyte, Ari Seth Cohen and Simon Doonan.

Once a dancer at the famous Apollo Theater, statuesque Jackie Tajah Murdock talked about being the face of Lanvin in an ad campaign photographed last fall by Stephen Meisel and quipped that at age 18, she wanted to go to Paris. She didn't get there until she was 81 and joked that she just flipped the digits! On a more serious note, she spoke about what she called her triple handicap: she said "I am old, I am a woman and I am handicapped". In the film, Jackie confesses to being legally blind an unable to see the faces of the performers in photographs in the lobby of the Apollo. She does, however, still possess drive and an incredible sense of style. She teaches at NYU and takes dance lessons twice a week.

Once the panel concluded, 93-year old Ilona took to the stage to perform a couple songs, to the delight of everyone in the audience.

Lynn Dell Cohen wore an amazing feather hat.

Debra Rapoport and Ari Seth Cohen.

Joyce Carpati.

Simon Doonan donned his shades once he was relieved of his duties as emcee.

Director Lina Plioplyte posed with us for a photo.

We had lots of friends in the audience, including Elke Kuhn, so the event was a great opportunity to catch up.

British fashion designer Jessica Bonarius from Manchester, whom we'd met at Sue Kreitzman's salon/party last month - and who has the most spectacular vintage wardrobe - has been in New York on a month-long internship working with costume designers.

Alice Carey sported a tuxedo jacket and bright yellow dress and floral boutonniere.

Lily Pink, whom we'd last seen at Debra and Stan's tea party at the end of May,was sporting her signature pink earmuffs. Her lovely friend obviously got the dress-code memo.

We'd last seen jewelry designer Diana Gabriel at that same tea party.

Ever the dandy, Bill Webb came dressed to the nines, with his wonderfully chic wife, Eva Kobus-Webb.

Jean hob-nobbed with all the swells, including this pair of gents.

Polly Guerin of "Polly Talk from New York" and Kathryn Hausman of Medusa's Heirlooms were seated just a few tables away from us.

Loved this young woman's top knot and print slacks accentuated by her red bag and sandals.

Artist and milliner Carol Markel and Jessica Bonarius added sparkle to the evening.

Barbara Flood wore an outfit with a Southwestern flair.

Artist Jean Betancourt and another guest posed for a quick photo.

Chicky (in stripes) and his lady friend (who had gorgeous silver hair) totally enjoyed the evening...

... as did these two ladies who dressed for the occasion.

We met this lovely young woman who flew in from Toronto with her husband to attend the event.  She brought him and a NYC friend to City Winery. Jean had an instant rapport with her and her friend as soon as she noticed both were wearing Trippen shoes. (Now, if we could only remember her name!  Email us, please.)

Shortly afterwards, we said our goodbyes.  Since we both had to get up early for work the next day, we headed out into the balmy evening and to our respective abodes.


  1. Looks like fun! I bet the woman from Toronto bought her Trippens at gravitypope, where the Women In Clothes book launch party was held.

  2. Valerie your orange outfit with the tilted hat reminded me of your orange crepe paper pumpkin halloween costume from when you were four. :)