Sunday, September 14, 2014

In the Spotlight: We Visit the Georgine Runway Show at Lincoln Center

What we saw this time had a completely different accent from what we saw last time. Everything is still very feminine, but instead of a kind of fairy tale look, this time we saw very strong echoes of Halston throughout the show - lots of clean lines, flowing materials, minimalist designs, and nonstop glitz and glamour. And wonderful turbans.

The gold silk shirtdress, above, and the silver suit with matching turban, below, are perfect examples of that.

For a summer day out on the town… (wish you could see the purses better - they are shaped like little surf boards)

And a summer night out on the town:

A spectacular day look (don't try this at the office, unless you're the boss - or the boss's wife)

An equally spectacular summer evening in the Hamptons look.

This was perhaps the most serious of all the evening looks.  Perfect for a gala fundraiser after a hard day's work.

There was a selection of resort wear, too.

Two knockout looks, above and below.

We remember this ruffled look from the '70s.

And there were some terrific femme fatale bathing suits, like this one with the side lacing.  It's not a bikini, but it commands as much attention.  The model's towel, dragged like a mink coat would have been forty years ago, reads "NO DIVING".

This gold lame bathing suit brings the movie Goldfinger to mind.

This was Georgine's most daring look.  It's billed as a tunic over a dress.  It's a little hard to see, but the dress is designed to expose one breast.  We're showing it last, but it was shown near the middle of the program, so it wasn't designed as a wedding dress.  Although… hmmm…..


We arrived a little early, and here are some of the looks and people we saw:

This woman was wearing a dress that is almost certainly a huge blow-up of microbes under an electron microscope.  Remember we showed you another one a few weeks ago?

We very much admire the bare midriff look, although we ourselves will probably give it a miss.  (We gave it a go in the '70s, though.)

This woman is doing a great job of rocking the Ann-Margret look.

These three women had three completely different looks.

And let's not forget the men! Andrew Werner was one of several natty dressers we ran into. Check out his Instagram: #andrewwerner.

It was such a nice change to see men escape the usual acceptable suit colors.

This gent embraced a multitude of colors, and looked great in all of them.

Indoors, we ran into Patrick McDonald, Lauren Ezersky, and Mauricio Padilha.  Patrick is growing his hair out, and has given it a lavender color.  Do check out Mauricio's Instagram: #MAOPR.

Gazelle Paolo, Paul Alexander, and Marco Santaniello sat next to us. (Instagram: #gazellepaulo; #paulalexander.)

Jillian Mercado recently appeared in print advertising for Diesel and in a StylelikeU video, (Instagram: #jillianmercado.)

It's always a treat to run into Faustina Rose, who never seems to look the same way twice.  (Instagram: #sofausti.)

We first met Roberto Johnson and Stephan Mendoza last year.  Stephan is wearing a white shirt whose sleeves he cut off himself. (Instagram: #itsrobertojohnson and #mindofmendoza.)

Jason Brickhill and Allan Kent introduced themselves. (Instagram: #jasonbrickhill and #allankentc.)

Dominique Hanke designed her own suit, including the hat with the serpentine squiggle and the cat-shaped purse.

And sharp-eyed readers will remember Gregg Asher and Taylor Carson Sandvick from previous New York Fashion Week posts and their stint as stylists on Lifetime TV's Million Dollar Shoppers.  (Instagram: #fashionbaggage.)

Also seen on the Plaza: Paris Hilton and her sister, with so many paparazzi glued to them that had it been indoors, they would all have been deemed an illegal fire hazard.

And so another Fashion Week comes to a close, and life returns to normal. (Instagram: #mercedesbenzfashionweek, #mbfw, #nyfw.)

Check out the IFs on Instagram:  #idiosyncraticfashionistas.

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  1. Looking fabulous as usual!! I kinda want to steal/borrow Jean's hat. Might have to make a knock-off. :-) I had hoped to come to the city around the time of the Manhattan Vintage Show but I'll be taking care of family at that time. Maybe next year! XXOO