Sunday, March 22, 2015

Staley-Wise Gallery's Fete for Rose Hartman

On Thursday evening, we attended an event for Rose Hartman at Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho.  James Smith took amazing photographs that evening, including the one above (because once again we thought we had pictures of ourselves but we didn't). To view SmithImage photos from Staley-Wise Gallery's event, click here.  For the scoop on another of Rose's book-signing event later this week in NYC, scroll down for further information.

Below is a photo of the guest of honor standing next to philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, who appears in the book wearing a gorgeous crimson evening gown -- with her pit bull.

Rose's good friend designer Adrienne Landau attended, and brought her public relations coordinator, Kate Floberg, with her.

Now, readers, are you looking at Kate's cowboy boots?  They're manta ray, and Kate said Adrienne picked them up for her at Beacon's Closet.  Who wouldn't want a boss like that?!  Here is a close-up of the boots.

We met Rose's journalist friend, Lothar Troeller, talking with a woman doing a fabulous job of making a neck brace look chic.

With Jean is Linda Troeller, who had fabulous red hair, a fabulous dress, and a droll story to tell about her mother of pearl pendant. (We'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.) Linda is one of three women thanked in the Acknowledgement section who viewed and critiqued images for the book.

Not one but two dashing young photographers covered the event. Marsin Mogielski (who took Rose's photo for the book and the photo of Rose and Manuel below) and James Smith whom we previously mentioned.

Rose's long-time friend Manuel Santelices got special recognition in the opening page of her book. He holds a very special place in her heart and her whole face lights up whenever she talks about him.

Gallery co-owner Ethelene Staley posed with a dapper guest.  (Check out his boutonniere.)

Alexandra Reiher is bookended by two gentlemen, including her husband, photographer David Glackin on the right and Gregg LeFebvre, artist, sculptor and photographer. Visible in the background are photographs by the late Deborah Turbeville.

We met Aline Ghazarian who works in fashion and had some insightful comments about the book, the crowd and the gallery. Loved her hair. Turns out she works for and was wearing (what else?) Lanvin.

This extremely well-accessorized gent is Edward Nashen who is the art gallerist for ABC Home.  ABC is a treasure trove for people hunting for something they won't find anywhere else.  An hour spent in ABC renews one's faith in the retailing industry.

Brazilian artist Marcia Grostein made the glass bubble necklace she's wearing in this shot.

Danielle Cheng posed with Rose, who was schmoozing with guests and signing copies of her book.

Rose is having another book signing at Kinokuniya at 1073 Avenue of the Americas (between 40th & 41st Streets across from Bryant Park) on Tuesday evening March 24 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. So, if you're interested in meeting the author and getting your own signed copy of "Incomparable Couples", run (don't walk)!  Here's the announcement below. (Click to enlarge.) Don't say we didn't tell you!

This gentleman had photographed us at the Alexander McQueen show at the Brooklyn Museum a couple years ago. His tall, blond Dutch companion is wearing a fabulous pair of Comme des Gargons leggings that resembled tattered fishnets.

Writer Michael Luongo posed for a shot with us before he went to the main gallery to view the exhibit of Deborah Turbeville's ghostly1980 photographs from Unseen Versailles.  Click here to view the slideshow & Architectural Digest's 1/15/15 article on Staley-Wise's Turbeville show.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing a vintage Stetson bowler with a black and white felt pin by Danielle Gori-Montanelli; Issey Miyake jacket and skirt; Under Armor t-neck; Gudrun Sjoden cross-body bag; vintage black and white bracelets, bangles, necklace and rings of bakelite, dominoes and plastic; vintage B&W polka dot chandelier earrings; B&W fingerless gloves from Sock Man; and unseen Trippen boots.

Valerie is wearing a vintage Italian curly lamb hat from the late lamented 26th Street flea market, plastic target earrings from the same, Ralph Lauren suit from a thrift shop (dry cleaner swears it's cashmere, but it's lost its content label), black and white matching spiral lapel pins from someplacerother, faceted horn ring from Task in Brooklyn, and unseen second hand DVF shearling boots.


  1. You dames do get around, don't you? Looks like some very interesting folks were there (aside from you two, of course). I love Marcia Grostein's bubble necklace!

  2. Another amazing event, with the two of you looking smashing in your hats! The mention of Beacon's Closet makes me think I need a NYC fix.