Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Elf Cap? Ski Hat? Heck, No. It's an Urban Turban!

Winter weather in the northeast -- and most of the country -- has been brutal, with high winds, low temperatures, snow, sleet and freezing rain. When just staying warm is the priority, many throw style to the winds and just go for snug and cozy. With luck, they look sweet and cuddly like one of the seven dwarves above. (Photo from

Others go for the goofy ski hats, like this red number from GetaKlu's website.

Or this long tail ski hat from etsy.

Or this one.

OK. We just had to throw this one in for the shock and awe factor.

We choose a different route, a road less traveled. (What a surprise, right?) Both of us purchased fleece hats from Ignatius last November at the Philadelphia Museum Craft Show.  Each has a very long tail attached to the top of the hat. The inner cap is also fleece, so it gives an extra layer of insulation.

Although we noticed some wearers wrapped the long tail around their necks, we chose to wrap it around the top of the hat instead.  It adds height and creates a multi-level effect. Net result:  an urban turban that not only keeps us snug and warm, but also makes us feel chic.

In a real turnabout, it was Jean who selected the multi-color striped hat, after Valerie chose the black and white one.  Who says you can't survive the relentless cold and precipitation with style? Aha!  Just imagine what we'd come up with to wear while climbing the Himalayas!  Hope this gives you some ideas to cheer up your wardrobe to get through these last and hopefully few days of winter.

For those of you still rockin' your inner Disney fantasy, have you ever wondered WHICH one of the seven dwarves YOU are? Of course, there is a website that can answer that question for you. Intrigued? Take a chance and find out: Image from  Later, kiddies!


  1. I love it!!!!!! Thanks forgot guys just being you.

  2. Brilliant! Not at all dwarf-y. It's 85 degrees here today, and a cool breeze would be appreciated.

  3. Going vertical with fleece and creating an Urban Turban is the perfect way to survive the last (hopefully) days of winter. You both look fabulous!

  4. I was proud of myself today, having spotted an idiosyncratic fashionista twenty paces away . . . from behind.