Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Rose & Diamonds & Champagne - The Incomparable Rose Hartman!

Last Thursday evening, we set out in the latest -- and hopefully the last -- blizzard of our seemingly endless winter to attend the launch of photographer Rose Hartman's new book "Incomparable Couples" published by ACC Editions. The party was hosted by de Grisogono, the Swiss jewelers, and Candy Pratts Price. The event was held at de Grisogono's extraordinary jewelry store on Madison Avenue.  As an added treat, a portion of the proceeds from book sales was donated to one of our favorite charities, God's Love We Deliver. (And in case you're asking, we're not really wearing the colors you see above.  The lighting changed every inch or so.) The cover photo features David Bowie and Iman, an incredibly stylish and instantly recognizable couple.

No one need to have worried that the storm might keep people away. Who could possibly resist the lure of a glitzy party to honor a chronicler of the glamorous Studio 54 scene, with people from that era mixing with younger fans? Add a generous dollop of champagne and delicious hors d'oeuvres in a warm and cozy jewel box of a setting et voila: a recipe for fun! Rose wore a long lace black top by Adrienne Landau to highlight a pair of glittering de Grisogono diamond drop earrings. The guest of honor poses with Omar Hernandez (in blazing blue) and Keith Patrick.  Click here for the Harper's Bazaar photos and story.

We're always delighted to see a man who loves to dress.  This is Di Mondo who always wears something riveting. That evening, he wore a Dolce and Gabbana suit the color of lush tropical greenery.  This shot also gives you a better view of Rose's beautiful jacket.

You really need to see some of the details of this suit.

Alejandro Figueredo and his friend Medini posed with us in a corner of the main room, out of the crush of the crowd.

Alejandro, a graphic designer, offered us one of his bespoke business cards disguised as strips of gum.

Unwrapping his business card is a bit like opening a gift.

It was fun to run into the tall and dapper Roy Kean, whom we'd met at the party for Rose' previous book (""Incomparable Women). To view photos of duos that appear in Rose's latest book, click here for L'UOMO VOGUE/News/"Rose Hartman, Pas de Deux in New York City".

Carmen D'Alessio posed with Rodrigo Salem. This Peruvian public relations diva was the maintainer of the famous list that Andy Warhol dubbed the Who's Who of 1970s New York Night Life and was a driving force behind the success of such clubs as Studio 54, Palladium, Limelight, Tunnel, Cain and Plumm. Warhol took a famous portrait of her and she famously popped out of a huge birthday cake wearing a gold lame Norma Kamali bathing suit. Our kind of gal!

We ran into Elise and Caroline Rueda, whom we hadn't seen since Fashion's Night Out several years ago.  The sisters worked in the world of New York couture, having worked in the world of Paris couture before that.  Caroline later indulged us by putting on her hat, an antique leather pilot's casque with a a peak in the front that gave it the look of a visored warrior's helmet.

Guests enjoyed the scene and the delicious bubbly.  Unseen are the beautifully presented and scrumptious canapes that the handsome waitstaff regularly tempted us with.

This woman had the most wonderful Gibson Girl hairdo, and de Grisogono had the most wonderful spiral staircase, so we caught the two of them together.

Tziporah also braved the bad weather to make an appearance at the party.

Rosemary Ponzo, Montgomery Frazier and Ben Mindich clearly had fun dressing for the weather.

Rose took time out from signing books to schmooze with guests Melissa Kassis and Michael Travin.

Bob Fisher is working on a documentary on Rose.  We missed the opportunity to photograph his colleague, Otis.

Ross Kenneth Urken (left) and Joseph Michael de Leon enjoyed the party. Brunch is definitely the leitmotif connecting us with Ross and Rose. We first met Ross a couple years ago when he and Rose were having brunch at an outdoor table at Diner on the Bowery and we were being photographed and interviewed for a Swedish newspaper. Shortly thereafter, we invited Rose to brunch at a restaurant on Rivington Street that turned into a disaster. If something could go wrong, it did. Ross just hosted Rose for brunch at his apartment last week ... and we're having brunch with her next weekend, hopefully with better results than the last. The adventure continues.

We hung out with the wonderfully charming and entertaining Ed Rudin who turned out to be the art critic whose review appears on the back cover of Rose's newest book

Our pal, photog David Glackin, stopped by before heading to a gallery opening.

Ryan Nessing, whom we'd met at one of Rose's previous events at Rizzoli, and his lovely young friend and a friend of Omar's posed with Rose.

Jean lined up to purchase her copy of Incomparable Couples.  Here you can see Caroline wearing her leather pilot's casque. To purchase your own copy of Incomparable Couples from Amazon, click here. Since this is not the last of the parties honoring Rose, stay tuned for some more high-style hijinks!


  1. Congratulations to Rose on the publishing of her new book. Looks like a great party with some very stylish guests (especially the men!). Di Mondo's suit really is the cat's meow!! The Rueda sisters look like they would be a blast to hang out with. I'm fascinated with Alejandro's business cards - what a brilliant idea!

  2. Spending a cold winter evening in the warm company of gorgeous people? Perfection! Now off to check out the photos that appear in Rose's book.