Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Just for the fun of it, we decided to dress up as twins, sort of. Readers from waaaaaay back will remember when we got our matching natural colored vintage grass hats and spray painted them red. We returned to the scene of the crime, Vintage Thrift Shop, to memorialize the occasion. Most of the time, our tastes diverge, or coordinate serendipitously, but every now and then we fall in love with the same thing.

As luck would have it, we both have nearly identical black round glasses frames (sunglass for Valerie; prescription for Jean).  You can't really tell, but we're both wearing billowy black pants.  Long ago Valerie admired Jean's Trippen shoes, and sought out a similar pair; we popped into Chaos one day and came away with matching black and white foam rubber cuffs.  In nosing around hither and thither, Valerie picked up the matching tee shirts exactly for an occasion like this, and picked up the bags another time because they were on sale and, well -- because a girl never has enough bags.  (Here we would like to take the opportunity to quote the amazing humorist Adrienne Gusoff, who said "The worst part about getting bags under your eyes is finding the shoes to match.")

We had a little fun, and highly recommend it.

Many thanks to Kyle, who indulgently photographed us, even though it was closing time.

And then, after they locked the doors behind us at Vintage Thrift Shop, we strolled over to the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue at 29th Street to check out Roof, their rooftop bar and test drive a couple cocktails. But that's another story for another time.


  1. As we say down here in the south "Ya'll are divine!" I'm a new reader but I have to say you two ladies are such an inspiration to me. I have a hat collection that I stopped wearing years ago. Well now is the time to dust off those fascinators and get fascinating.

  2. It's interesting that this outfit suits both of you, and neither looks like she is compromising her own style. The black and white colour scheme and simple shapes of the pieces are the key. I think you look kind of adorable :)