Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Clog Blog! "Word of Foot" - Dansko's Blog

Check it out! Dansko clogs featured us on its "Word of Foot" blog in a terrific article posted yesterday: THE "IDIOSYNCRATIC FASHIONISTAS" WEIGH IN: HOW DO YOU FORM A STYLE IDENTITY?  By Nick on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We were thrilled to be approached by Dansko who had become aware of both of us not just for Jean's customized Dansko's but also for our individuality. After the initial contact, we responded to numerous questions via email and on some 3-way telephone calls with Nick. Judge for yourselves, but we're quite pleased with the final results and the extremely positive message.

Of course, we confess our now not-so-secret desire to design fashionable but comfortable shoes for women of any age since, after all, style is ageless!  Like actors who don't just want to act but want to direct, we don't just want to wear stylishly functional shoes, we also yearn to design some interesting, new, idiosyncratic versions. We would love to collaborate with Dansko's designers on a capsule collection.

Our regular readers are quite familiar with Jean's long standing affinity for Dansko clogs and her tendency to customize them to better reflect her style and personality. The center photo in Dansko's montage above displays the latest incarnation of her Dansko customization.

As her January 2014 Obsession Control post demonstrates, while Jean's eye may occasionally wander, her heart belongs to Dansko.

In an earlier blog from April 2013, with that catchy title: "Customize Your Shoes - Or Not",  Jean highlighted her earlier version, an all-black platform clog with her modified ripple sole to encourage rocking through each step to avoid a flat-footed Frankenstein plodding gait.

And of course, stick-on dots (lent by Valerie, who always has a stash of Staples dots on hand - remember her post-foot surgery polka dot cane?) provide an opportunity for embellishment with easy removal.

For the 2013 Easter Parade, we both rocked the polka dot thing, so the stick-on dots were the perfect counter-point to her black and white polka dot Heydari pants.

And the even earlier version of Jean's DIY customized black patent Dankso clogs featured a saw-tooth sole that she designed and had constructed by her long-suffering, very patient, masterful neighborhood shoe repairman. We were floored when it was featured in the 3/5/12 post by "Every Clog Has Its Day". (Click & scroll down to see us.)

We're looking forward to the opportunity someday to share our designs with bold patterns, unique color combinations and higher platform soles, if only someone would ask!


  1. To borrow a Valerie phrase, that is Way Cool!! I'm surprised that Dansko hasn't asked you to collaborate on a clog design, given how much publicity you've given them in your blog. For some reason, I don't find Danskos comfortable, despite the many reviews from others who do. I would try an IF - designed platform pair though..

  2. I am looking forward to the day when someone asks! How do we get this to happen?????