Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short and Sweet (The Old Gray Hair She Ain't What She Used to Be)

In this short and sweet post, we'd like to present some people we've run into in our recent travels who have short and sweet hair. 

STOP THE PRESSES! Although we originally published this post late Wednesday night, Jean's camera malfunction prevented her from uploading a fabulous shot of an East Village denizen, so we're taking the unusual step of updating this post today. See the new photo which we've added at the bottom. (OK, Jean confesses: I lost my camera for 24 horror-filled hours. Arrgh.) 

Below is Kath, a volunteer at the Angel Street Thrift Shop.  The little halo around her head is totally accidental, but so appropriate!  Kath said the same barber who cuts her hair also cuts Anderson Cooper's. This is entirely believable.  Although she also mentioned the very reasonable price and the name of the barber shop, unfortunately (you'll never guess) ... we've forgotten both!  

Next is a woman we met on the main floor at Saks Fifth Avenue the day we went to see the store's addendum to the FIT Shoe Obsession exhibition.    So chic!            

We ran into the woman below on the street after our trip to the Math Museum, and called out to her that we loved her purple hair. She was talking on her cell phone, and even though we knew it was VERY not done to interrupt people in the midst of a call, we seized the moment (SO unlike us), ran after her, and gestured to her in sign language that we'd like to take her picture. We heard her say into her phone "They want to take my picture", and then she kindly motioned to us to go ahead. In person, the purple looked wonderfully rich and vibrant. The photo doesn't do her justice. She said the color, called Purple Haze, is made by Manic Panic. It's a rinse that washes out after a week, so if any of our readers would like to try it without making a major, permanent commitment, please write and tell us the results -- or better yet, send photos! 

And, lest anyone accuse us of gender bias, we present this fabulous gentleman, whom we met at the Japan Society. He was deep in conversation for AGES, so it took forever to get to photograph his wonderful mohawk. He explained that he was about to enter a monastery, so he was gradually getting himself used to having no hair. What an inspired way to do so!  He was also with a stunning woman, and it's a pity we didn't have the gumption to pester her for her photo as well.  We are not Ron Galella.  (Young people, you'll need to look him up to get the reference.)

We thought you'd also enjoy seeing it from the back.

Last but not least! Jean ran into this fabulous female on First Avenue in the East Village on Monday afternoon.  Loved her blue lenses, long earrings, colorful scarf AND her closely cropped hair. Fab!

That's it!  Short and sweet!
(We cheated a bit by putting in an old photo of ourselves.  Sorry!  Still, it works for the short hair theme, so we're cutting ourselves some slack.)

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Women’s Wear Daily says that “Fashion’s Night Out will go on a hiatus in the U.S. in 2013”, which is probably code speak for “it’s over, folks”. Click here to read the WWD article.


  1. omg that gray mohawk, so AWESOME<3

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    1. Jean here. We just added 1 photo to the end of the blog posting of a fab lady East Village lady with wonderfully close-cropped hair. Check it out!

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