Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

We are both down with the a couple of the various respiratory bugs that have been going around, but neither wind nor rain nor dark of night will prevent us from delivering our Wednesday post (for free, no less - not even for $.46!).

In honor of Chinese New Year, and to entertain you during our recovery, we'd like to show you this wonderful website, HATWOMAN (above), coming from Hong Kong. Not only is HATWOMAN a first class hat shop with a stunning selection, if you wander around the website you can find all sorts of other goodies, like HATWOMAN comics, a full selection of their stock, links to their designers' websites, and fun videos about hats. You'll recognize names like Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, but take a look at the others, too. (Particularly avant garde House of Flora!) Great way to spend some time if you're sick. Or even if you're well!

If you'd like to visit HATWOMAN - and we think you should - click here.

And continuing on the ever-popular subject of millinery:

Ann W. sent us this great Wondermark cartoon, which proves once and for all that men and women think along the same lines when it comes to the more important things in life. If, like us, you can't read the fine print, click on the picture to enlarge. If you'd like to look at more Wondermark cartoons, drawn by David Malki, click here.

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