Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashion Week February 2013

Last you heard from us, we were surrounded by exotic shoes out of amazing dream sequences.

But wait!  There's more!

After feasting our eyes at the press preview for Shoe Obsession at the Museum at FIT, we headed to Lincoln Center to check out the Fashion Week scene. Right after we arrived, we were photographed by Social Bliss.  (Pics are a bit grainy, but do we care?)

Even Jean's paws got into the act.

We fell in love with the fabulous Alexander Calder tucked away by the Lincoln Center Library.  Interesting that it mimics the shape of fashion tents.

Valerie poses on the plaza with the opera house banners for Parsifal and Rigoletto in the background.

We spotted designer Charline De Luca (whom we'd just met at FIT) checking out Fashion Week. When we told the photographers who were shooting us that she was a famous Italian shoe designer, they swarmed around her for shots and comments.

Here's a shot of Charline De Luca's silver-toned cantilevered booties.

We couldn't help but notice this lineup of attractive young men out on the plaza taking in the scene.

This woman made a bold and colorful fashion statement. She said was a retired fashion editor. Figures.

We ran into Jared (whom we'd first met at If, a fashion-forward Soho boutique, at Fashion's Night Out in 2011, and with whom we reconnected at Fashion Week last year).  It was f-f-feezing, and there he was with his coat open! Ah, to be young and foolish.

We had to give Jared a close-up so you could see his wonderful glasses and handcuff neckpiece.  There were also matching bracelets.

Speaking of glasses, if only this gent had turned his head just a little bit further, so you could see the glasses in full...

Great total look, right down to the black glasses and clear Lucite heels.

And yet more glasses!  But it's really the hair.  Oh, the fabulous hair!

When we met Vana Vain (in the polka dot hat) and her sidekick on the plaza, Valerie asked a passerby to take a picture of all four of us. The next thing we knew, Valerie's camera was bouncing across the cement!  Luckily, Jean gave the poor thing her camera to capture the shot. Sad to say, Valerie's camera bit the dust that afternoon, but it went down in a blaze of glory, for a noble cause.

Here is another colorfully dressed pair having entirely too much fun.  LUV those leggings.  She even named them, but of course, we forgot...  (Insert forehead cudgeling here.)


Loved these women's black and white platform oxfords, and the funky prints.  Can't wait for Spring!

And these candy-colored men's Nike sneakers practically scream that Spring is just around the corner.

We excitedly stopped two fabulous ladies to admire them, only to discover that they were fellow bloggers: Jennifer Boyd-Einstein and Paula Mangin whose blog is called Blank Stare, Blink! While Jennifer lives in Brooklyn, Paula lives outside San Francisco. Transcontinental blogging must have lots of challenges, not the least of which is the 3-hour time difference!

Jennifer and Paula made us blush.  Not only did they recognize us at Lincoln Plaza, they also did  a post about us in which they called us their “American Idols”.  They even slyly slipped in a cameo of us in their earlier post about Jennifer (aka "jslow") 'bombing' on the runway during Fashion WeekWe’re so honored and tickled!  And we LOVE their look!

Anyway, we hit it off so well that we made plans to meet for cocktails later that evening at our favorite Lower East Side speakeasy, 2nd on Clinton. Here's Paula trying to unwind after a jam-packed day that started at  6 AM!

Here's Jennifer. Although she did buy an ascot and we did want to ask her to show us, we all kept talking, and we got distracted and you know ... we ... forgot.

Marja Samsom, the Dumpling Diva (far left), stopped by to show us photos of her trip to Moscow and joined us at our table. After we finally tumbled out onto the street to head home, we accosted a handsome young man to take a group photo.

In a follow-up to FIT's Shoe Obsession, later on during Fashion Week, we went to Saks Fifth Avenue (one of the show's sponsors) to look at and actually touch some of the shoes and their kissin' cousins. We tried to pick out shoes we could live/work with.  Mostly we failed at that.  With precious few exceptions, EVERYthing was waaay too high.  Here, Jean displays a wedge shoe with wonderful stripes.  Now if they could just (everyone chime in together now) lower that heel!

Valerie found another pair of black and white shoes -- looking like something out of 101 Dalmatians

Remember Gianluca Tamburini and his Conspiracy label from FIT's show?  Here's another of his stunning heels, complete with tiny octopus!  None of his shoes are for wallflowers. 

After finishing our research follow-up at Saks, of course we headed to The Modern for two of our favorite cocktails, and the marvelous mushroom soup with chorizo dumplings on the side.

Valerie raised her glass to toast another fun Fashion Week! 

And here's to you, dear reader, for accompanying us on our little journey.


  1. No outfit credits? I spy a Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat on Valerie from the 80s (had the same one during my pregnancy). What else are you guys wearing?

  2. And what a breathtaking journey it was. Limitless fun!

  3. I'm living vicariously through you much fun you have!

  4. Fun indeed! Not to mention all those lovely looking cocktails! What a fabulous day you had, full of colour and style!
    jill in Ontario