Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Daily Planet

As tireless observers of life in the big city, we want to take this opportunity to share a selection of people and events, to give you a flavor of New York as seen through our eyes. Metropolis has something for everyone, regardless of your age!

Today's News:

Celebrity News:
Imagine our surprise at running into this wonderful Bette Midler impersonator, Donna Maxon, in the East Village recently.

The Style Section

Our model shows how to be superfashionable on a shoestring budget.

Zink magazine's September Fashion Issue features lots of photos of body harnesses, cages, and something called "leg suspenders", so this young lady is really on to something. (Discovered off Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.)

Talk about the Daily Planet! This fabulous sweater is by Iniy Sanchez. (Found while aimlessly surfing the web. Colors are slightly darkened to help bring out the nylon base.)

How did these 2011 Kenzo geta escape our notice until just now? Spotted on, as you can see. Anyone who knows how to get hold of the top two styles should contact us! (Oh, and ditto the sweater.)

Free the shoes!

The Design Section:

The trend in New York (and probably elsewhere) is to make your bicycle stand out by giving it unique wheels and tires. Your bike will look stunning, and will be so much easier to spot when it's stolen.

The posh Mark Hotel encourages its clientele to visit the city on its stylish black bikes with black and white striped basket liners.

The Science Section

Can you identify this flower? (We can't.) Its seeds look like snow pea pods.

Dragonfly beautifies New York City for a brief moment.

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle a cat's whisker? (Doesn't everyone?) Clementine has grown a single white whisker in her old age, so it was easy to measure. The first one fell out on October 11, 2011. The next one fell out on June 18, 2012. So about eight months. (We'll let you do the math. This is the science section.)

This looks to be along the lines of stuffing your hat with aluminum foil to prevent the CIA from reading your thoughts.

The Arts


On the street, for free, where anyone passing by can enjoy it. Anonymous.


We spotted this bare-chested man dancing on a Soho street corner wearing a huge ram's head. His movements were lyrical and panther-like. At first, we suspected an advertising ploy, but he appeared to simply be enjoying himself. Don't you just love how blase the New Yorkers are, just walking past him like it's nothing out of the ordinary?


This turned out to be an ad for a drug company, but we liked the theme, GET OLD, and we loved the picture.

Parade Calendar:

Even if you forget the exact date and even if you don't actually attend, it is hard not to take notice of the Gay Pride Parade. This pair was out and about in the late morning in the East Village, before heading to the West Side to join in the festivities.

And this just in: It's a small world!

Hope you liked this little peek at life in the big city from The Daily Planet. Stay tuned for future reports from the front lines!


  1. I think the flower is a mimosa . . . or at least that's what the tree is called in Texas. The leaves are spot on, as was your description of the seed pods.

  2. Love your hats, and these colorful and unique views of NYC!

  3. Diane, thanks so much - a look at internet images shows you're right! It's called a pink mimosa. We should also have mentioned that it has a wonderful fragrance. You could find it in the dark by scent if you couldn't see its gorgeous pink blossoms.

    The IFs

  4. Thanks for the peek into a day in the life of NYC. There is such a fabulous energy to the city, and where else could someone dance about wearing a Ram's head without causing a riot or getting arrested. I love the shoes, but I would have to wear them sitting down.

  5. You're making me miss the city again!