Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer in the City

We've been hard at work swanning about all summer, so we decided to take a little breather today, and are doing a short (but sweet!) post.

As Labor Day fast approaches, once again, we're wondering "Where did the summer go?" We continue to have lots of fun and the weather can be expected to stay hot and sunny for a while. But just like school children everywhere, we still get that "back-to-school" twinge as August threatens to stretch into September.(Do we ever outgrow our school year inner calendars?) When we were in Brooklyn for the Anna Piaggi picnic, Valerie couldn't resist perching on one of a line up of cement orbs. Jean imitates the expression of the image on a black and white poster under scaffolding outside La MaMa Theater in the East Village.

After one of our recent jaunts in Soho, we stopped into The Diner (yes, that's really its name) on the Bowery just north of The New Museum. It has lots of stainless steel, high ceilings, interesting photographs on the walls, good french fries and tasty cocktails. Great nostalgic kitschy look! Just wish we could remember exactly what we were having. It is a safe bet that Jean's drink contained tequila and Valerie's contained some bubbly.

Just had to share photos of Ariel Krupnick on St. Mark's Place! We met him at the Yayoi Kusama reception at The Whitney Museum. On this occasion, he was on his way to a dinner party, wearing a blue and white toile suit and tie with red and white toile shirt and jacket cuffs.

To accent the red cuffs, he had painted his finger nails fire engine red. And note the fab Miro umbrella.

He also painted red toe nails onto what looked like white canvas shoe coverings with individual outlines of toes sewn across the front. Needless to say, it is quite the look.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing: at La MaMa - Ignatius hat; Rick Owens tee shirt; asymmetrical swim coverup; H&M skirt; Made Her Think bag with chain and leather strap; TUK shoes; Illesteva Frida glasses; charm necklace; and vintage bakelite dice earrings and rings. at The Diner - Tibetan hat from Ruben Museum; Ciel black top; glasses, bag, earrings, necklace same as above.

Valerie is wearing: atop the stone orb - green straw doll's hat by Daniele Meucci, glass bead from the flea market, shirt by Peplum for Yoshiki Hishinuma, bustier by H&M, pants by Betsey Johnson, coiled snake shoes by Inspirit; at The Diner - vintage unlabeled crocheted raffia hat, vintage ceramic blue polka dot earrings (which recently met their demise when one fell and chipped [sigh...]), blue polka dot reading glasses from Reading Glasses Shopper, polka dot jacket by Ellen Tracy, white linen shirt by Allison Taylor; possibly not wearing anything under the table, but not sure.


  1. Love your blog - always so chic and inspirational. I hope you had fun at the Anna Piaggi picnic. :)

  2. Let me gush and tell you just how much I LOVE you both and your Blog - it's changed my Life! AND the way I dress! And considering I live in a very small seaside village on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island way the heckaroonies up in Canada - that says a lot! Thank you!

  3. The pink tree is the Mimosa tree.

  4. Oh your hats!!! And the creativity expressed by Ariel Krupnick.

  5. In love with both of you and your attires, and I am always so impressed by a man who dares.
    Have a grand day.