Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anna Piaggi - Ciao, Bella!

Anna Piaggi, fashion journalist and muse to designers and milliners such as Karl Lagerfeld and Stephen Jones, died yesterday in Milan at the age of 81. Incorrigible and eccentric to a fault, her theatricality in clothing, accessories and makeup were her trademark. She was inspirational -- a truly unique individual who will be sorely missed. In the documentary "Bill Cunningham: New York", the photographer called her "a fine poet in clothes".

The fashion world mourns her passing. She was one of our personal perennial favorites -- her sense of humor and whimsy were amazing and her accessories were divine: Canes, walking sticks, hats, gloves, socks, furs, coats, shoes, even her hair! She transformed everything she wore.

And, speaking of hats, Ms. Piaggi once said "My pets are my hats." Claiming not to have left the house without a hat since the early 1980s, she said "I feel better if I have a good hat on". We couldn't agree more. Here's wishing her godspeed to that big fashion show in the sky!

It wasn't just what she wore, it was how she wore it! We celebrate her life by exhibiting just a sample of photographs of her at runway shows in Paris and Milan and London museum openings. Enjoy. Celebrate!

That dame could really strut her stuff!

And we found just a small smattering of pre-Internet photos of La Piaggi - before she was a grande dame, but clearly a grande-dame-to-be.

In Carnevale style:

In Louise Brooks style:

Here she is with her husband, Alfa Castaldi:

And here she is in antique velvet (Fortuny?) with co-conspirator Karl Lagerfeld:


  1. I loved seeing photos of Anna in her marvelous outfits; the world will be less interesting without her in it! It's interesting to see what she waw like in her younger days - thanks for digging up those photos.

  2. It's rare to see someone so original....
    My she rock on in eternity......


  3. Her death is sad news, and a shock to me since I have only discovered it on reading this post, and a time for us just to remember truly how epic and interesting a lady she was.

  4. I am saddened, as well. She was clearly someone very special , with unwavering courage to "be' her own art form. I hope I remember that the next time I feel intimidated into wearing something less than my true vision, no matter how old I am.