Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Make the News in Chicago

Yes, as you can see for yourselves, those are our smiling faces peering out at you from The Chicago Tribune tear sheet above. If you can't read the fine print at the top (we can't!), it's dated March 5, 2012.

Chicago journalist Barbara Brotman, like so many people now, caught the Advanced Style video and, she writes, "A few moments into the video, I was rabidly on board."

The photo below might give you a clearer idea what we were wearing. It was just after we'd had brunch with Ari Seth Cohen on the day he and Lina Pliopyte, his videographer, shot the first footage of us for the video (December, 2010). Jean thrust her camera into the hands of a passerby (a fellow Woman of a Certain Age) and prevailed on her to take a picture of us, with this result.

In the video, Jean makes a lot of pithy remarks, and Ms. Brotman quotes her extensively. The reporter contacted Ari asking for a picture of Jean, and Ari kindly sent her the photo of both of us that appears in the paper. So the article really isn't about US, it's about the video. But we're delighted to have been selected to represent the video to the people of Chicago.

Here's another photo from that fateful day.

We should mention that it was Ms. Brotman's daughter who brought the video to her mother's attention. We never cease to be surprised and ever so tickled by the number of younger people who agree that older people can be way cool. (Remember Kim Kardashian liked the video, too. Still waiting to hear from Justin Bieber.)

Those of you who don't want to have to read the article with a magifying glass, for a link to the original article, Fashionable Older Women Offer Advice on Staying Stylish, please click here.

The reason we uploaded the photo of the actual newspaper is that the link does not include our smiling faces. We figured you'd never believe us if we just asked you to take our word for it. So way above is the view of the article, a little above is the link to the easy-to-read text of the article for all you empiricists.

And here's one more photo of us in living color.

When we first copied the article, we did it as a pdf, and it came out a little fuzzy. So we played around with all the bells and whistles that come with the pdf program. We found one bell entitled "optimize pdf". That sounded like exactly what we needed for a fuzzy picture, so we hit that button, and what we got was so interesting that we had to share it with you:

Go figger.

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