Saturday, March 10, 2012

Run, Don't Walk to Stephen Petronio Co

Get thee to the Joyce Theater ASAP! The Stephen Petronio Company's (SPC's) New York season is in full swing at the Joyce on 8th Avenue and 19th Street! There are two shows on Sunday, March 11th.

On Tuesday evening, March 6th, we attended the opening night gala and the after party at Hotel Americano on West 25th Street in the heart of Chelsea.

Not to be missed, in particular, is Petronio's version of Intravenous Lecture, in which he dances with an intravenous tube in place (inserted on stage by a doctor as part of the performance). Stephen's commentary as he dances is provocative and riveting, and he does it all while wearing a fabulous horizontal striped suit by CFDA award winning designer John Bartlett, which moved beautifully with him. Before the show, Jean had the opportunity to chat with John (also well known animal rights activist). He and his companion, also named John, were absolutely charming. Here, Stephen chats with Justin Terzi (left) who collaborated on some of Stephen's earliest productions.

Check out Stephen's shoes!

Jean-Marc Flack (left), Stephen's husband, and two guests. Jean-Marc flew in from Paris that afternoon to attend the gala.

SPC Co-Executive Director Craig Hensala stopped to compare notes with Jean.

Kirsten Hathorne, Nancy Ng, Valerie and Frank Winter lounge on one of the banquettes in the front room, enjoying the h'ors d'oeuvres, as Valerie shows off the fy'dala bill (as we say it here) that she'd just found on the floor!

Jean congratulated dancer Barrington Hinds on a wonderful performance.

Dancers Joshua Green and Julian De Leon ham it up for the camera.

Dancer Joshua Tuason, one of his friends and Julian De Leon unwind after the performance with Jean.

Kirsten and the Dumpling Diva, Marja Samsom, channel their inner black swans at the after party.

These ladies were enjoying the music and the crowd at the party.

Shahzad Ismaily is one of the musicians (percussion, synthesizers, bass guitar, acquaphone, banjoy and vocals) who performed the live score at the evening's world premier of "The Architecture of Loss" which featured an original score by Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurdsson and costumes by Gudrun & Gudrun. His girlfriend Jenni is adorable - a New Zealander who teaches writing at NYU.

Mercifully, fellow Icelander Hrafnhildur Arnardottir (left) goes by a hilarious but admittedly memorable alias ("Shoplifter" - the closest many of us can come to her name), to the great relief of the rest of us tongue-tied Americans. Check out her website ( She and Marja pose with costume designers Gudrun Ludvig and Gudrun Rogvadottir who live and work on the Faroe Islands. Their handmade costumes were made of organic untreated, undyed yarn from Faroese wool.

Dancer Nicholas Sciscione and his friend paused for a photo with Jean.

Dancer Jaqlin Medlock (left), who only joined the company in September, celebrated a successful show with guest artist Wendy Whelan, principal dancer from the NYC Ballet, who appeared in the wonderful solo "Ethersketch 1" with costume by the ever-fabulous Karen Erickson and music by Nick Cave.

Dancer Amanda Wells and her husband Jonathan and a friend stopped for a photograph. Amanda's dress had the most incredibly long fringe that swayed gracefully whenever she walked or danced.

We'd just run into Stephen in Soho the week before, just after our outing at Melissa Shoes!

What we're wearing:

Jean: Ignatius hat, Louis Feraud jacket, Brigitte harem pants,Trippen boots, Kirsten Hawthorne earrings, vintage bakelite necklace and rings, Tignanello bag.

Valerie: vintage black straw recently purchased from Helen Uffner making its theatrical debut; vintage red celluloid earrings; second hand gray wool Searle swing coat; unseen floor length open knit sleeveless gray wool dress by Blayde and held up with giant safety pins (also unseen); red leather and wood pin by Tereza Symon's mom; unlabeled transparent black polyester organza tie front bolero; brand new Melissa shoes designed by Gareth Pugh, also on their maiden voyage, also unseen.

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