Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dutch Treat

As if appearing in the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times weren't enough, we also made an appearance in StyleVision, a Dutch magazine! Way back in November of last year Monique Lindeboom invited us to be part of her article, and in January we made our appearance.

As with the Chicago Tribune, it's not about US, but we're featured in the photos and in the article. On the left (above) is the stunning Beatrix Ost - we strive to look half as good as she does on one of our good days. The photo on the right is us at the Guggenheim's Kandinsky show, and on the next page (below) Jean gets a second bite at the apple, vamping it up in her Norma Kamali leopard print jacket and Ignatius leopard print hat (photo by Ari Seth Cohen).

These are the best we could do for photos of the magazine. You'll have to double click to really see anything.

"But what does the article SAY?", you might well ask.

Well, we don't read Dutch, so we popped the text into Google Translate. For the fun of it, here's what it says about us. We haven't changed a word of the translation.

Oh, wait. First the title:
Long Live the Vivienne Westwoods of Our Time.

Great start!

Now here's what it says about us:

Take the American duo the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. Two women of unknown,
older age an insanely crazy, own fashion style, all parties and happenings expire easily assimilate with young people and all their adventures on their blog with that name difficult to pronounce places.

And that name, there is not really a pure Dutch translation for it, but it has to do with individualism and individuality. These women, with their funny hats, sunglasses and crazy costumes are currently the most inspiring example that if you 'of certain' age, especially behind the geraniums must dive.

They absolutely hate to cry, "Growing Old Gracefully", they speak of "growing old with verve". Remember him. They have since become a style bible written for women who are still looking for their personal style. They are the Vivienne Westwoods of our time.

Hey, how cool is that? We have fans in the Netherlands!

But what did she mean, "funny hats"?

Full disclosure: the part about us starts in the third column.

Here's the text (again, exactly as it came out of Google Translate) that appears in the first two columns:

I embrace all currently trend developments but show that you like fifties are not quite ready to calcium-containing crempjes' because you're worth it ', incontinence solutions and nutritional supplements "because you on your fiftieth' also so very busy with your great job and then looks like a hopelessly old-fashioned picture from the German Otto from the late 80s.

No, I get adrenaline shots when I see that women have the guts to get their hair 'just' gray to be and to separate colors into play, such as pastels or dark highlights, as they have the guts dark make-uptinten to wear as fashion designers adult women the platform to send as a model, and when I blog see of women in their sixties or even on their hundredth alive and insane flirting with their personal dress style, and also receives city and country afsjouwen and all photographs and commenting. What a delight!

There's more, but we typed in all the Dutch by hand to get this far. If you want the rest of the article, we're leaving that part up to you!


  1. Your media scrapbook must be getting pretty full by now ;) Funny Hats? Crazy Costumes? Do they think you two are in the circus? (I couldn't resist)

  2. I'm not surprised that you're hitting the press across the globe. I was amused by 'behind the geraniums must dive.' In fact, most of this post had me laughing!

  3. Hi Lady's

    Nice artikel, Greetings from Holland.
    (if you want I can help translate)