Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another: Etsy Finds

Yer Midweek Snack

Need a little serendipity in your life? Try trolling for your favorite stuff on

Right now, the little wonder below is one of the things that comes up if you type in "vintage hat". In near perfect condition, and SO of the period. Doesn't it look like the milliner was conjuring up visions of automobiles while designing this hat? This is being offered by Daisyandstella.

Sadly, someone has already put a deposit on it. Drat! So, you ask yourself, what else do Daisy and Stella have to offer? Well, they have this fabulous Rudi Gernreich dress:

How's that for a quantum leap? And just so you know HOW fabulous it is, Daisy and Stella have included a photograph of supermodel (yes, we DID have them way back when) Peggy Moffitt workin' that dress!

If you're a fan of carefully curated vintage wear, have a look at Daisy and Stella's other offerings. Some mouthwatering stuff there!

Going to visit the Daphne Guinness show put us in mind of ruff collars. What happens when you type ruff into the Etsy search box? Well! We never would have guessed (we're pretty naive, as it turns out), but we happened onto a sweet little latex/bondage/role play accessories shop! But don't take our word for it. Click on the link to Queen Latex Accessories.

It's actually a very nice site! Naughty but nice, fun and saucy. Their model seems to be channeling Betty Boop, but adding her very own brand of sizzle and spice.

What happens when you type in Charles Jourdan shoes? You DO get Charles Jourdan shoes, a pair of which is being sold by jamesrowlandshop. Okay, you think, what else does James Rowland have in stock? And among all the wonderful things you find is THIS cool dude:

Doesn't this look like Jean's very own sawtooth shoe, except the teeth are going in the opposite direction?

Neither of us can wear the fab white shoes - podiatrist says we need stability, which is to say something with a back to hold our heels in place. Phooey. But that doesn't mean we can't look and admire. (Hey, dye the leather a darker color, and won't they go great with the Rudi Gernreich dress???!!!)

And while we're on the topic of one thing leading to another:


  1. If I start looking around on Etsy, before I know it, hours have passed, and I have a wishlist a mile long. And that Rudi Gernreich dress would be at the very top - it is mind-bogglingly marvelous!!!

  2. Just checked out Etsy too and purchased a bakelite ring using the ipad and from the comfort of my bed on a Saturday morning. What more could a girl want?

  3. I like those dresses and the cap because it so amazing designs. The cap is really unique. Thanks for post those pics.