Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the Fence about Steve Jobs

Since Steve Jobs' recent passing, a number of less than complimentary articles have been published about his private life. Well, in this week's mid-week post, we're going on the record to share this flattering profile of the man (artist unknown).

Jean says: On the day after New Year's, I was walking east on Bond Street in the East Village at a rapid pace and thought I caught an image of Steve Jobs, but when I stopped and looked at the fence, it looked blank and I thought I was seeing things. ("Wouldn't be the first time", chuckles Valerie!)

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that someone had sliced a large image of the Steve Jobs portrait that Apple had displayed on its website and meticulously applied the strips to the sides of the rungs of the iron fence. Head-on, you see nothing, but if you look at the side that faces west, while walking east, you can pick up the image. If you stand far enough away, at just the right angle, the image materializes.

Three weeks later, Valerie and I were on Bond Street to go to Dick Blick's Art Materials (try saying that one 3 times rapidly, kiddies). I brought Valerie to see the fence and I was thrilled to see that in the intervening period, the artist had added the image of the younger Steve Jobs, visible when walking west.

Here is Valerie on her way to the scene of the crime. As you can see from our attire, our outing was on one of the rare cold days this winter (January 22nd) and it had actually snowed the night before.


  1. That is so interesting! Truly a creative person came up with that. Thanks for taking the time to share it ladies!

  2. I love stumbling upon unexpected public art! Kudos to the artist who created that, and thanks to you two for sharing.

  3. Would b just like U2 noticing & posting .. Gonna check it
    Out thankX