Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek Snack: US in Chicago Street Style

Waaaaaaay back in September, when we attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference, we were stopped by Amy Creyer, who writes the Chicago Street Style blog.

This past January 1, we were pleased to see that a number of people had clicked on to our blog from Chicago Street Style. But we were puzzled. Why the sudden flurry of visits, we wondered. So we clicked on to Chicago Street Style ourselves, and there were our smiling faces, just as you see them above. (That's Amy's photo, reproduced for your viewing pleasure.) Click here to see the full Chicago Street Style post on nous (moi and moi).

How's that for a nice way to start the new year?!

We keep telling you how behind we are, and how we're trying to catch up. Since today is February 1, this post is only one month behind. That's pretty good, actually, when we think about it. After all, Amy took our picture on September 7. It's such a relief to see that we're not the only ones!

* Oh, by the way, for those fans of numbers (like us), today is 2/1/12 - or as we like to say: 2 1 1 2!

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  1. That is such a great photo of the two of you--you look very happy, and I love seeing you in black and white (with a little bit of red for Valerie). Every time I see Jean wearing those creepers I want a pair!!