Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crowning Glory - Orly, Five Years Later!

Way back in 2009, we told you the story of our friend Orly, then 55, and how she dealt with the loss of all her hair due to breast cancer treatment.  (If you missed that story, click here.)  She drew the line at drawing in eyebrows, and made baldness chic.  Here she is wearing long feather earrings and a bold fuschia scarf at the time of her treatment.

In February 2010, at the end of her treatment, she threw a Cancer Free party (which you can read about here).

Some of you know that that's just the beginning of a very long recovery period.  Doctors say patients need to monitor their health for five years before they can begin to breathe a sigh of relief.

Now, nearly six years after she was diagnosed and underwent treatment, here's Orly today (a few days ago, actually), with a full head of lush and gorgeous hair.

We asked Orly to say a few words.  She said:

"You can be beautiful with hair.
You can be beautiful without hair.
But not at the same time."  (Orly is not one to pass up an opportunity to joke.)
"In Hebrew, we have an expression: May you live till 120.
So now I'm half way there."

L'chaim, Orly.  You look GREAT!

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There is now a way to keep your hair during breast cancer treatment.  Read about cold cap therapy in this New York Times article.


  1. She looks gorgeous and so happy to be here. Inspiring! xo

  2. All our warmth and tenderness on this smile who went back safe from the big question.

  3. I am so happy to know how Orly is doing today, she looks beautiful. I am also happy to learn how she battled with cancer in style.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer, too, last year. I underwent chemotherapy and lost my hair at age of 36. I felt terrible and horrified, but I did not want to give up fashion. I decided to buy over 10 different wigs including totally orange or green ones, and continued working during chemo with those wig or sometimes turban styles. I had to be creative to look like normal. That was not easy, but I wanted to deliver messages that fashion can help us heal difficult times.

    I met you at the Easter parade this year. We took some pictures together. It was 4 months after my last chemotherapy and I had my wig under my bonnet. I bet you could not tell :-).

    (you may recognize me: see my post about the parade:

  4. Orly looks lovely with or without hair - she has a very nicely shaped head, and she made the most of her time when she was bald. I'm glad she has a glorious head of hair, and congratulations to her on 6 years cancer-free, hopefully many more!