Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Box o' Sox

We are out gallivanting tonight, so here is a short post in our continuing Suzy Homemaker series.

What do you do when you wake up two hours before the alarm clock is set to go off, and you know you won't go back to sleep?  If your parents burdened you with Work Ethic, you pick something from the very long To Do List, and then do it.  Make sure you pick something that you know will take less than two hours so you don't get frustrated.

Why not spruce up the sock drawer?  Here is a picture of the sock drawer AFTER.  Everyone can imagine what the sock drawer looked like BEFORE, so we're not showing that.

If you're lucky, you just happen to have two shoe boxes lying around.  Wide shoe boxes (from sneakers) are great for keeping socks (far left) and leggings (second from left) in order.  If there is a little space behind the shoe boxes, that will hold at least one more pair of socks and leggings.  This drawer also keeps several tee shirts (far right) and sleeveless tops (second from left).  Give yourself extra points if you get rid of anything, and bring your drawer down to a manageable size.

The sock drawer worked out so well that the next drawer was also tackled and conquered.  That drawer contains stockings and unmentionables.  Sorry - no photograph of that.  We're not that kind of blog.

Some of you might be asking how long this orderly set-up is supposed to last.  If you've ever cleaned up your sock drawer, you already know exactly how long it will last.

When your sock drawer is finished, you can

Oh, no, wait.  Sorry - wrong image.  You can go off to work, whistling all the way!

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