Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yeah, But We Did It First

We are distraught. Distraught! There we were, walking down a very hip street minding our own business just the other day, when what should we see but George Clooney on the cover of W Magazine. We don't begrudge George the cover - he belongs on the cover of ANY magazine (except, possibly, Popular Mechanics, and then, if he did a car movie, why not?). We are just a bit offended that we weren't included. After all, what has George ever done to advance the cause of polka dots? Weren't we elected two of the fifty most stylish people in New York, and didn't we wear polka dots to celebrate that?

Here's George (looking absolutely fabulous, we might add) in an overwhelmingly polka dotted Armani suit, shirt, bow tie and shoes in a room to match, all decorated by Yayoi Kusama.

Well, here we are, self-decorated (we didn't need any help), also in a room created by Yayoi Kusama. And we were online first!

Here's George and his custom-decorated ride.

Well, here we our in OUR custom-decorated ride, and we did it weeks earlier!

Here we are with another Yayoi Kusama room behind us.  (Don't lose sight of our polka dotted shoes.)

And here we are with an entire Yayoi building behind us!

And anyway, where is George's HAT?

So we ask you, shouldn't we have been on the cover with George?

(To read the W Magazine interview with George Clooney, click here.)

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Giving credit where credit is due:  The late Shail Upadhya showed the world how to do polka dots.  The dapper retired diplomat, a fashion week fixture known for his amazingly unique wardrobe of tailored suits in the most outrageous patterns and fabrics, passed away earlier this year.  (You may have seen him in some of our previous postings.) We take this moment to tip our hats to a true dandy. (Photo taken from the documentary Bill Cunningham New York.  Mr. Upadhya was among Mr. Cunningham's favorite subjects.)

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Today is the eleventh day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth year of the new millenium. Here in the United States, we write that 12/11/13, which is okay, but in Europe they write it 11/12/13, which is way cool. Numbers fans should mark this day. (Think of us if you have a cocktail.) We won't have another really cool set of numbers for a while now.

In other number nerd news: we are three people away from 700 followers!  Thank you all very much!!!


We hit 700 peeps today! Lamar Mendiola is our 700th follower.  Thanks, Lamar!  XOXOXO!

(This photo from [Fifty is] The New Forty.)


  1. Only the very most beautiful and celebrated people in the world wear polka dots. But of course you did it first!

  2. If I could clone myself and follow you ladies again for this awesome post, I would. :D

  3. Thank you for the George fix! Congrats on the numbers! xxoo