Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Friday Night at the Movies

If you're in the New York metropolitan area, this is your chance to meet Sue Bourne and Sue Kreitzman, director and fashionista respectively of Fabulous Fashionistas, and to see the documentary if you missed the chance to see it online.

Fabulous Fashionistas will be shown at Manhattan's Senior Planet on Friday, December 6, at 5:30.   For details, and to order tickets, click here.  It's free, but you do need to make reservations.  Please note seating is limited!


Want more?  After whetting your appetite on Friday, maybe you'd like to see these movies on Saturday:

In the heat of July this year, we went to see Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, the documentary about world renowned fashion emporium Bergdorf Goodman's, and reviewed it for you. Now it turns out that even if Scatter didn't play at a theater near you, you can still enjoy it, and in the privacy of your own home: it's now available on Netflix.

Want to see the preview? Here it is:

And here's a link to our review:

Netflix now also has The Eye Has To Travel, the documentary on legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland, which we reviewed for you last year. Documentaries don't tend to make $70 million their first weekend, so they don't get nearly the attention they deserve.  That's where we come in.  We're proud to claim Vreeland as one of our own - a woman of a certain age - although that's really the least of what she was.  Here's the trailer:

And here's our review:

Also available is Bill Cunningham New York, the documentary about the New York Times' fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who by now is more an institution than a photographer. Unbelievably, we did not review this movie even though we rushed to see it when it came out, fearful that it would disappear in a week's time. We needn't have worried. There was a line a mile long when we went to see it, and it played for quite a while.  (If you asked, no, we're not in it!)

Here's the preview:

And don't forget: Netflix offers the first month free!


  1. I'm lucky enough to have seen three out of four of these films, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I noticed that Scatter My Ashes is available on Rogers on Demand, so I will most likely watch it over the holidays.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing these!