Sunday, September 8, 2013

New York Fashion Week Parties: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target and StyleCasters

On the first night of New York Fashion Week, we had not one, but two party invitations, and both were for fashion shoots we had participated in.  It doesn't get much better than that.  First up: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target party at Spring Studio where one entire walk of the enormous space was filled with the huge interactive StyleScape covering 120 people like us plus the models in six cities: Lost Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, Miami and New York. Here we are in front of the scene in front of the Williamsburg Bridge.  You can see we're framing our StyleScape selves and our StyleScape dogs behind us.

When viewers activated the StyleScaple, the women holding the sparklers (in the L.A. scene) traced whole shapes in the air and a huge fireworks display erupted overhead.

For the Chicago section of the panel, there were wildly moving balloons that were activated by blowing on the pinwheels.

In the New York panel, the dog Valerie was walking (Floyd) wagged his tail.

The tail-light on the taxicab blinked and lights on the Williamsburg Bridge illuminated. We loved the fact that the cab's license plate said LIM 3.1.  Caroline Ventura and Gigi Guerra protest the male models beating them out for a cab.  Typical New York scene!

This shot of Miami South Beach on the left and Brooklyn on the right gives you an idea of how seamlessly the images of the different cities melded into each other.

For the Toronto panel, movement by the huge red inflated human-shaped figure in the background was activated by the gumball machine.

Shortly after we arrived, we encountered a real live person wearing a Google Glass. The lightweight titanium frames include a wearable computer with optical head-mounted display (OMHD).

Jean tries it on!  Just like something out of a sci-fi movie!  Just off to the right in the right lens is a tiny almost transparent screen, so the wearer can view images while still walking the world around him or her.  Valerie also got to try it on.  We have always relied on the kindness of strangers!

We've noticed that head scarves are making a comeback.  Wrapped around the back of the head then tied at the top with a bold bow, the scarves become a variety of turban.  This woman looks fabulous in hers.

Here's another fabulously executed head scarf.

Part of the experience at the party was the opportunity to purchase items from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target line ten days before they go on sale (and are expected to sell out almost immediately).  Waiters spirited away drinks with alacrity to  promote the shopping experience.

This woman is wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target dress from the collection.

This masculine zip bag was also among the offerings.

The Lichtenstein-esque Boom scarf was our favorite.  We both wound up buying one.


Three young women show off the latest in Tokyo chic.

Here's a shot of the Fashion Week crowd enjoying the party.

Gigi Guerra from Target (right) joined Dewi Billano (center) from Mother, the production company that made the fashion shoot and final product such a wonderful success) and one of her talented colleagues.

Little did we know when we met artist Marco Santaniello at the Phillip Lim event on Thursday that we'd see him again at a runway show on Saturday at Lincoln Center and at Yotel on Sunday!  It turns out that we're all also going to another party on Monday and later in the week at a runway show.

One of the party guests joined us for a photo.

We noticed a number of very dapper men at the event. These two are checking out the very cool black leather high-tops that were extremely popular among the male shoppers that evening.

Dewi Billano poses between us, along with one of her gorgeous pals who helped us tremendously at the shoot.

Peter, our able director and photographer responsible for the StyleScape (who happens to be Danish), noted that he was going to finally be able to rest after a whirlwind campaign.

Kris Chen from XL Recordings and one of our favorite crew members from our shoot made the scene.

Dee Jackson, one of the expert skateboarders in our Brooklyn shoot, gifted Valerie with one of his Lego heart-shaped pins.

As we exited Spring Studio, we met one of our make-up artists from the Williamsburg set (in red). Part of the fun of the party was getting to see the crew in their civvies!

After the Phillip Lim party ended, we attended the StyleCasters party at Lavo, to which Spencer Cain, Celebrity Editor for StyleCaster, had kindly invited us.  When we saw the mob scene outside the nightclub, we anticipated having a little trouble getting in (you can see why, below), so Jean texted Spencer, who texted back to say he'd have someone come out and get us.  While we waited for someone in shining armor, a tipsy man half Valerie's age started hitting on her, assuring her she didn't need to worry about their age difference, and at the same time swearing she'd never make it inside Lavo.  After all, they hadn't let him in.  Well, we used Spencer's text to get in the door (thanks to a real cool Security Dude), and then were rescued quickly by a StyleCaster staffer who escorted us to the downstairs A-list party space.

On our way down the stairs, we met this young man whom we've run into on multiple occasions. He had the most interesting shirt with (we hope faux) monkey fur sleeves.

Spencer and his fabulous staff were celebrating the beginning of Fashion Week and the posting of their 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers.

Valerie posed with this attractive couple before we left for the evening to head home. We both loved her turban.  And they were just the tip of the very cool iceberg.


  1. Love the post. I wanted to let you know that the picture that shows the first woman with a head wrap is Gabifresh and she has a well known blog:

  2. So, you both look so chic in black and white, but I'm puzzled as to what Valerie is wearing that looks like squares of fabric stitched or held together - is it a vest? a scarf?

    Such social butterflies - two parties in one night, and with such stylish guests! I like the "BOOM!" scarf, and the google glass goes well with Jean's outfit. Perhaps that could go on your birthday list ;)

  3. The two of you create such beautiful silhouettes at another glamorous party. And the hats!!!!! I'm hoping to see you soon in an ad at a local Target.

    I'm also loving the return of the head scarf!

  4. Dam I love that blue sport coat! I seriously need one.