Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hey, Honey!

We still haven't finished showing you all the goings on from Fashion Week, but now seems like a good time for a bit of an entr'acte. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed exotic forms of transportation popping up here and there in recent postings.  Eventually we want to be photographed in - among others - a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Maserati (that's alphabetical order so as not to show favoritism).  But we're not narrow-minded.  There's a whole broad spectrum of wonderful vehicles out there just waiting to be discovered.  How could we resist a pedicab* decorated with polka dots?

This particular escapade started while we were visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology (more on that in the near future), and Jean spotted this fabulous chariot from inside.  The slight reflections on the photo are from the window.  We didn't know how long the gent and his cab would be there, so we took this quick shot.  Then we ran outside like school children, intent on having our own chance to sit in the cab for a photo op.  We would have done ANYthing.  We began to beg and plead, just about ready to promise anything, when the gent and his off-screen buddy were kind enough to accommodate us before we'd done anything that might have disappointed our mothers.

Better still -- as it turned out, they were giving away free spray samples of the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, Honey (in yellow and black polka-dotted packaging) AND the gents further humored us by taking these pictures for us. We each got a marvelously fragrant little sample and then, in the spirit of the moment, we were given an entire package of twelve samples, which we immediately took to work and gave to our besties.  Sweet as Honey!

See you Sunday!

* The same sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that the name Revolution Rickshaws is embossed on the pedicab.  Fun fact to know and share with friends: rickshaw is the anglicized form of rikisha, which is a shortened form of jinrikisha, which in Japanese means human-powered vehicle.  Wow!  Aren't you glad we told you?

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