Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monochrome and Polychrome in New York

To wear, or not to wear? (Color, that is.) That is the question in New York. A little bit of both in today's post.

The woman below was going strictly monochrome the day we ran into her in Brooklyn. We loved her dreads!

The Shy Photographer strikes again. Here, white pony tail, black sunglasses, white shirt, black pants.

Norma was dressed in black and white, but added to the palette with a transitional cream color and soft shades of gray and two-toned shoes. Love that way glam turban, which she wrapped herself.

Stark black shirt and glasses, stark white hair, and just a pinch of red seasoning. Deborah has just returned from four years of teaching at a university in Afganistan.

An all-over melange of black, white and a touch of red at the top of her head and at her feet.

No detail is overlooked. Notice the multiple targets on her fingers and toes, and even, you might say, on her shoes!

And our closing shot in a series of photos working from black and white to vivid color --  a woman in a veritable rainbow of hues. Although it's hard to tell, she has several little gumball ponytail holders of different colors in her hair. To accent her turquoise dress with pink lightning bolts, she added two scarves, multi-colored belt and red glasses.  Her purple shoes complement her multi-colored bicycle's pink seat and wheel rims.  And - a woman after Jean's heart - she brought along her Barbie, in color-coordinated frock, of course!


  1. If I ever learn how to ride a bicycle, that woman in the last photo is going to be me in the next 15 years, sneakers and all.

    I love, love, love the things both of you have going on on your heads in the first photo.

  2. Looks like Linda Rodin on the bus. Gotta stop being shy!

  3. Enjoy summer while we have it! xxoo