Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Right on Target: The Teaser! 3.1.Phillip Lim for Target

Have the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas finally gone to the dogs? (We knew you would say that when you saw the picture.) And in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, no less?

No! (Not yet, anyway...)  Can't blab all the fabulous details tonight, but we WILL tell you tomorrow. Promise. So please check us out on Thursday night. Here's a hint what we were up to.

Need another hint? Okay, okay, check out this link from RACKED.

Or try this:

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  1. That is SOOO MUCH FUN - Fashionistas and Puppies! Don't you know that you're never supposed to work with dogs and kids ;) You guys get to do the coolest stuff - I can't wait to see you again!