Sunday, April 1, 2012

How We Spent St. Patrick's Day 2012

While Valerie was on death's doorstep,

Jean was cavorting at The Pier Antiques Show.

The fabulous Lynn Yeager made an appearance at the show.

Artist and designer Kirsten Hawthorne was caught carrying on with a trio of mannequins.

Dodi Fromson, in from Los Angeles for Asia Week, stopped by the show in her signature Miyake.

Tim John, also in Miyake.

Jean ran into the ever-glamorous Lynn Dell and another lady in a great red hat.

This couple looked marvelously modern in vintage. He confided that he drives a La Salle. How fab!

Katherine Knauer, whom we'd last seen in Philadelphia at the Fiber Biennial, also made an appearance.

Jean & Valerie always play a game: "If you could have one thing, what would it be?" Jean would have gotten Valerie this glass necklace with lemons from What Once Was.

One of the unique booths at the show consisted of two small decorated trailers filled with vintage camping equipment and housewares. The trio behind the booth is called Sisters on the Fly and the trailers recreate their fly fishing camps. As their book said: "Caravans, Campfires and Tales from the Road".

Jean couldn't resist getting into the act. What's in the bag? Tune in for our coverage of next week's Easter Parade to find out!

Jean noted an interesting trend - the fact that many of the vendors have started wearing vintage headwear. Case in point, this hat from the Philippines.

This stylish lady from David Owens modeled a hat, vintage frock, rolled stockings and very colorful tattooed thighs and arms.

Lulu never disappoints!

Michal from What Once Was.

Barbara Kennedy sported a whimsical hat adorned with fabric vegetables.

Rear view of Barbara's hat.

Can't help changing the subject just a tad. What would St. Patrick's Day in New York be without die-hard parade-goers? This gentlemen expanded on the theme, adding Star Wars Storm Trooper garb to his traditional kilt.

Don't you just love how blase New Yorkers can be? No one even batted an eye when this guy stopped at the light on St. Marks Place.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing an Ignatius hat, Comme des Garcons jacket, BCBG MAx Azria coat, Zara pants, Lux de Vil black patent bag, Doc Martens black patent boots.

You can't really tell, but Valerie has converted a black and white H&M tee shirt and black and white H&M leggings to nightwear/bedwear/ sickwear. And if you're gonna be sick, you might as well be chic in your Marimekko/Crate & Barrel sheets. While Jean was out cavorting shamelessly, Valerie was at home singlehandedly raising the stock price of Kleenex, so her downtime wasn't entirely wasted.

Valerie would like everyone to know that she retired her cable contract shortly before she was brutally struck down by the vicious cold now circulating (she is expected to make a full recovery), and was not channel surfing in bed. In a few months we'll know if this was a really dumb move.


  1. haha, cracks me up! I enjoy the television even more now since I cancelled my cable. Now I stream from Netflix and it's way more entertaining.
    Oh, and I'm typing this from my bed on my laptop as I have recently purchased some stock in Kleenex as well. ugh! I don't look near as cute as Valerie either!

  2. Oh Valerie, I am sooo sorry you are sick (at least you look very chic in your coordinating black and white). Take care of yourself! Jean, nice to see you are in good health and making the rounds for both of you. Lots of interesting people and outfits in this post; I would love to have seen inside those trailers.

  3. Oh the hats! Can't wait to see what's in the bag, Jean. And Valerie, I hope that you're back to your fabulous baseline, but very impressed with your 'sick wear.'