Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hats: An Anthology at Bard Graduate Center (Part 2)

You shouldn't ask 'why do you wear a hat?' What you really should be asking is 'why are you not?' - John Galliano

As promised, since we were so blown away by the more than 250 hats currently on display in Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones at Bard Graduate Center, here without further ado is our first sequel. Second (and final) sequel to come Friday. The quotable quotes interspersed here are all from the catalogue that accompanies the show.

Does this mean hats are only for those who want to be the centre of attention? Not at all, but they confer a sense of presence and poise to the wearer that, in my mind, cannot be achieved through clothing or other accessories. - Stephen Jones

... a good hat provides an unending source of entertainment, glamour, amusement and inspiration. - Oriole Cullen

...the lure of hats [in a shop window] ... lies in capturing the imagination and fantasies of the customer, while also assuring them that their choice will inspire admiration in the onlooker. - Oriole Cullen

Why are [hats] remaindered to the Timbuktu of fashion when they are in fact its Shangri-La? - Stephen Jones

...once the person puts the hat on it becomes the focal point of the outfit; the hat explains your Look. - Stephen Jones

If I were a psycho-analyst, I would go into partnership with a really smart milliner. Because if I knew my job as a psycho-analyst, I would realize that most inhibitions and repressions that afflict the modern woman could be cured quite simply by a new hat. - Milliner Aage Thaarup, 1936

...the hat will serve to mark out the individuality of the wearer and separate her from the crowd. - Oriole Cullen

...hats tell a story unlike any other. - Stephen Jones

Maybe it's because we communicate with our heads that anything that changes them in shape, colour or decoration is a striking statement. - Stephen Jones

The millinery shop is a magical place, the site of transformation. - Oriole Cullen

Choosing a hat is not always a straightforward matter... - Oriole Cullen

When a brim shadows an eye seductively, or a feather exaggerates the movement of the head, this is when all the effort put into the hat has meaning. - Stephen Jones

A hat is nothing until worn. - Stephen Jones

[Jones has said] the process of creating a hat is akin to turning a fantasy into reality. But the fantasy mutates as everyone takes their own personal interpretation from the piece." - Oriole Cullen

When the right hat meets the right client, the performance of wearing begins. - Oriole Cullen

The wearer brings the hat alive... - Stephen Jones

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