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Ari & Tavi and Jean & Valerie at the Ace Hotel

Fashion Week 2011 -- The highlight of our Fashion Week was the Advanced Style party hosted by Ari Seth Cohen and Tavi Gevinson at the Ace Hotel. Billed as a “cross-generational celebration of style, wisdom, classic elegance and flamboyance”, the party included, among other events, a live performance by 90 year old cabaret singer Ilona Smithkin. A number of people at the party that evening declared it was the best party they’d been to that week. Who are we to argue?

For our part in the extravaganza, Ari asked us if we would give out fashion advice. What woman doesn’t DREAM of giving advice – on fashion or anything else – to others?! We jumped at the chance. All we asked for was a table and two chairs. (We really wanted three – two for us, one for advisees, but the hall got so crowded, we stood and our esteemed clients stood too.) (Above photo from MetroMix.) Ira Glass also made an appearance. Valerie regrets that he didn't come by our table - not because she wanted to give him fashion advice, but because she wanted to thank him for giving her years of enjoyment with This American Life on WNYC. (And yes, Ira, Valerie is a member!)

We made some signage based on Charles Schultz's Peanuts, and charged five cents per client, like Lucy. Worth every penny! At the end of the evening, we had made $1.05.

If you read Advanced Style regularly, you knew weeks ago that Ari was hosting the party with Tavi Gevinson, who inaugurated her fashion blog, The Style Rookie, at the age of 11, and is now an international figure on the fashion scene at the age of 15. A few days before the party, we were tickled pink to discover that we were the opening photo of The Style Rookie posting for September 12, 2011. We’re not named, but you’ll recognize us! We were delighted when Tavi came over to our table briefly to say hi. Cameras blinded us, so we were unable to take any photos, but we enjoyed meeting her. Imagine our surprise when she didn't ask for any fashion help! Here she is, later in the evening, having a tete-a-tete with Iris Apfel and Ari. Incredibly, Iris never asked us for any fashion help either! (This photo also from Metromix.)

Events like this call for a gathering of the clan of Ladies Who Dress. Suzanne Golden and Christina Viera join us to illustrate the point. Suzanne made the helix bracelets she’s wearing. For a look at her website, click here. She’ll be showing similar work at the Museum of Art and Design’s upcoming LOOT show in October. Christina made her hat.

Lina Plioplyte often does videography and camera work for Ari and Advanced Style. For more about Lina, click here for her website.

Tziporah Salamon and Lina joined us for a photo op.

Cane as fabulous fashion accessory.

Jean's friends Rosemary and Ginny came in from out of town to attend the event.

This woman looked great in her biker chick outfit and spiky 'do.

Valentine Freeman, the party planner extraordinaire.

An unnamed fabulous guest in a turban, Jean, and Amy Valentine. We wish we'd written everyone's names down! If you spot yourself or your friend, please let us know if you've been presented anonymously so we can put a name to the fabulous face.

Rosa Valentin, an expert in ancient and modern jewelry, and ethnographic art. Rosa said that even with her name on the guest list, there was a half hour wait to get in when she arrived! (Note: 3 for 3 notes involving valentines!)

Tove Hermanson writes a really interesting blog entitled Thread for Thought, which looks at fashion from a cultural / historical perspective.

Richard Cramer and Carol Markel must be the most colorful couple in town. Even Richard's shoes are great! (We didn't always have room to take head-to-toe photos in the crowded space. We hate not to get the shoes in, but sometimes we had to compromise.)

Two representives of the youth contingent of the evening's festivities...

Marja Samsom, creative and subtle chef, also known as The Dumpling Diva, who runs The Dumpling Academy.

Photographer, designer and fiber artist Katherine Crone. To see some of Katherine’s work, click here.

Lily Mandelbaum and her mother Elisa Goodkind are the forces behind the blog StyleLikeU, and co-author of a book by the same name - a compilation of StyleLikeU blog postings. The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas are featured in both their blog and their book. Thanks, Lily and Elisa, for putting us out there!

Left, in white, Jeffrey Williams, the designer who won the Iman/Isaac Mizrahi Bravo TV's "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection", center, Elisa Goodkind; right Beatrix Ost. Just behind Beatrix, Ari Seth Cohen.

We ran into Jade just outside the Rivington Hotel as we were leaving the after-party following the Independent Fashion Bloggers' conference. Newly arrived from Australia to work here as a stylist, she'd checked out our blog following her arrival, and actually recognized us on the street. We invited her to join as part of the younger contingent at Ari's party.

Elle and Qiana are gorgeous and charming young ladies -- who read our blog! OMG! SO nice to know we have more than one fan under the age of 40!

Helen Uffner, left, of Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing, who rents costumes to the Broadway and movie community, and Terry Ellerbrock, whose recent fiber and handmade paper show at Sideshow was a big and well deserved hit.

This gent asked for fashion advice, but he's already got his look down.

Advanced Style readers will recognize Debra Rapoport, who is often featured in Ari's videos and photoessays. Debra made bracelets for everyone at the party. Here she is, bracelets in each hand, distributing them.

Linda Zagaria, left, Mary, right - two women who feature prominently in both Advanced Style and the Nowness video that came out earlier this year - and in the center a friend we haven't met yet.

On the left, Susana Pesce, artist and jewelry designer. On the right, Joana Avillez, cartoonist and illustrator, and author of Life Dressing, the soon to be published book of illustrations of none other than The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas! Stay tuned. We should have news by the end of the month! You can get a peek at the book waaaay below, although we hear the cover has changed since that photo was taken. We're SO excited about Joana's project!! Check out her terrific work at My Name is Joana. She shows the preliminary front and back covers for Life Dressing there, and if you scroll down a bit further, you'll see Joana mentions Tavi's tiny books.

Irina Makarova (right) is a graphic designer / illustrator. Check out Irina’s website here. For the Ace Hotel party, Irina sported blue lips (she said she used mascara) and a very inventive March Hare ring!

Here's the March Hare ring. (See? It does match her lipstick!)

We first met this lady with the fabulous red heart-shaped glasses last year at a gallery opening and were delighted to see her again. Little did we know she is a puppeteer - with a fab Lady Liberty puppet. Note Lady Lib's scarlet pedicure!

Party guests ran the gamut. He works for Powerhouse Books and she is a fashion designer. Very cool and very sweet.

This dapper mustachioed fellow cut quite a figure.

Eric and Lina.

Will and Will.

Carlo and Jean.

The lady on the right wore a vintage black felt Halston hat while her friend had a great 1950s Mad Men look.

These ladies can be seen cutting a rug on the video on Advanced Style's coverage of the event. LOVE the hat!

We loved this lady's black and white striped top and geometric necklace.

Here's a trio of female guests illustrating the range in ages of party guests.

These ladies were definitely enjoying fashion week.

Ann is an artist from Portland who hopes to relocate to the Big Apple. We hope she does soon.

Marina Kilim Goldberg and her daughter.


We posed for one last shot with Ari and his parents before heading out into the night with the maquette of Life Dressing -- stay tuned for more on that topic soon!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so - Fashion Week is over till next time...

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