Sunday, April 3, 2016

We're in Bill Cunningham's Easter Parade Column in Today's Sunday New York Times

We were thrilled on April 1st to hear that our mugs appeared in Bill Cunningham's On the Street in the April 3rd New York Times Sunday Style Section and that it was was already online on Friday afternoon.  It being April Fools Day and all, we quickly checked it out for ourselves before breaking into a happy dance.  Eeeeeeeeeeee! It was true! There we were, full length in the upper left side of the page! (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Bill Cunningham / Hopping: On the Street by BILL CUNNINGHAM  APRIL 1, 2016: Fashion at the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade/spring promenade.  At the Fifth Avenue Easter/spring promenade: a suite from when Hollywood led the fashion world in World War II and two men in a symphony of gray, white and black.  Also, men in outfits paved in candy corn and in jelly beans.   

Here is a screen print close up of us (courtesy of our friend Cathy Mutterperl!).  Notice he got the feet in!  (In the video, that is [see below]; we're a bit cropped in the newspaper.)

The Times posts videos of Bill's column and in this instance, Joanna Nikas published the Easter Parade video on April 1, 2016.  Two added treats: In the center of the first frame appears our friend Heidi, wearing a stunning robin's egg blue vintage donut hat and coat. When our shot appears - in a tryptych near the end of the video - the photo on the right is of our pal, the dapper Robert Bryan.

In Evening Hours, on a later page in the same Style Section, appears Bill's coverage of a number of other events, including some additional shots of parade-goers, many in traditional and vintage Easter bonnets.

The Easter weather was gorgeous (if a tad on the cool side), we got to strut our stuff and see lots of friends. Appearing in Bill's column was icing on the cake. To be immortalized in the New York Times lets us share the experience with friends and family far and wide. Can't wait till next year.


  1. Congratulations on being immortalized in Bill's page and video! I love the photos from the Easter Parade I've seen on social media.

  2. So excited for you! You look fabulous in the Times! You belong in Bill's column over, and over and over!