Sunday, March 6, 2016


Once again, we were thrilled to be invited to the GEORGINE New York Fashion Week runway show.  And once again we neglected to take pictures of ourselves.  But it could have been far worse.  We posed with one of our gorgeous fellow guests at the show. Check out her boots.  Actually, check out everything about her.

The GEORGINE line is designed by 26-year old Georgine Ratelband. Her collections run the gamut from casual, beautifully tailored separates and dresses to glamorous evening gowns. This tee shirt, paired with leather 3/4 length gloves and  black-edged pants, added a touch of humor.
Photo courtesy of MAO PR

MAO Public Relations is in charge of her runway show, which, from the seating configuration to the music, runs like clockwork and never ceases to entertain and stimulate the viewer. This particular event had what appeared to be double the usual number of attendees, signaling a move to the next level. At the A/W16 show, several of the models wore sunglasses or eyeglasses.
Photo courtesy of MAO PR

Although GEORGINE gowns are sexy and figure revealing, they don't bare a lot of flesh. This black transparent polka dot gown with floral v-neck vest and fringed bottom is a great example.
Photo courtesy of MAO PR

We love the ideas of models in glasses. Addition of the net turtleneck and eyewear give an edge to this metallic tile-like fabric dress, also with a fringed hem.  Fabrication is one of Georgine's specialties.  We often want to reach out and touch the fabrics, which always seem to have something innovative about them.
Photo courtesy of MAO PR

This blue metallic gown with additional heavy sequin effect  down the right side in this photo has fringe at the sleeve.  Femininity is another of Georgine's specialties.  No androgenous looks for her, and very little in the way of slacks or tailored suits.
Photo courtesy of MIA PR

This black voided velvet dress with fringe at the wrist and strategically spaced embroidery has a conservative silhouette but the see-through graphic net effect was breathtaking.  Most of us will need a full length slip underneath, but this saucy slip-less version is marvelous.
Photo courtesy of MAO PR

Another variation of the voided velvet.  The transparent checked net inserts add a vampy vibe to this slinky sleeveless turtleneck long dress.

At this year's Oscars, actress Gabrielle Union, wife of Miami Heat basketball superstar Dwayne Wade, wore yet a third variation of the same material in this stunning GEORGINE gown. Below left, there it is when we saw it on the runway.  Below right, Union as she was photographed at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (below right).

Here's a video of the full line-up, miniaturized, as always, to fit in our format.  (You can see the full sized version here.)

PEOPLE: And now, on to more fun stuff. This show attracts a mixture of attendees from fashion and nightlight industries, which in New York often intersect.  The platinum party queen of the '80s, Dianne Brill, posed with MAO PR's Mauricio Padilha.

Below, Jean is flanked by Derek Warburton (left - TV personality, celebrity stylist, co-owner of LAPALME magazine) and Phillip Bloch (right - creative style director, stylist, actor, TV correspondent, designer, writer, actor).

Kyle Farmery (in black leather coat and metal-toed boots) and photographer Andrew Werner posed for a photo.

Gazelle Paulo, tanned from his recent jaunt to Brazil, stopped by to chat and catch up.

Long-time Village Voice writer Michael Musto wore a romantic ruffle-front shirt which we used to refer to as a "poet's shirt".

Two dandies: Corey Grant Tippen and Robert W. Richards made the scene and shared their thoughts about the clothes, the models and the crowd.

Now that Lincoln Center is no longer the semi-annual navel of the world, Fashion Week is all over New York.  Georgine's show was held downtown on the West Side Highway, another burgeoning hot spot of real estate development.  After the show, with thoughts of  adult beverages dancing in our heads, we walked east and wandered into Sessante, the restaurant in Sixty SOHO Hotel.  Valerie stepped out of her comfort zone to try an interesting concoction called the Sofia di Napoli, with vodka, blood orange, meyer lemon, pomegranate and honey.

Jean sampled a drink called The Swindler, with blanco tequila, thyme grappa, grapefruit and prosecco.

We got to relax, de-brief and add the perfect finishing touch to the evening.

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  1. I'd love to be able to wear the black sleeveless turtleneck dress with the net inserts on the side. Looks like you were surrounded by some marvelously dressed men at this show.