Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Three Men Save the Day

We are experiencing technical difficulties, so we will be posting what we really want to show you tomorrow night (Thursday), instead of tonight.  Above is the requisite photo of us, and for the rest of this stopgap post we have three wonderful gray haired men to help us out.

First, we had to show you this gray haired gent, all spiffed up in his suit, riding his Segway down the center lane of Park Avenue, undoubtedly on his way to work.

There's a story about the second gent, but we don't have his picture because everything happened too quickly.  So we'll show you this third gent in his place.  He's the doorman of a classy building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and has one of the best sets of whiskers in town.

Here's the story about the second gent.  Valerie was taking the bus cross town when traffic stopped it in front of a cross walk just when the light was changing in favor of pedestrians.  Just outside Valerie's window was this gent with yet another great set of whiskers, and he's peeved because the bus has stopped in front of him, preventing him from crossing the street.  He's got a look on his face that would stop traffic if traffic weren't already stopped.  Valerie's thinking: that's a great set of whiskers.  I wish I could tell him that.  Just then, he looks at her looking at him.  Getting stared by a stranger at probably irks him still more.  She signals him: THUMBS UP.  He gets a look on his face like "what the...???"  She signals again, drawing a moustache across her own face with both hands.  Then she smiles her broadest smile, points at him, and gives him the THUMBS UP signal again.  He gets it!  His eyes get as big as saucers, and he beams.  Then the bus lurches forward, and the whole thing is over.

(Compliment a stranger today.  It's good for both of you.)

So we don't have the post we wanted for you tonight, but we had three great gray haired gents to help out out of a jam.


  1. I'm very fond of a gray-haired gent myself. Wonderful story, Valerie!

  2. Good story - it's true, you don't realize how much a compliment can make someone's whole day better.

  3. (Compliment a stranger today. It's good for both of you.)
    So easy to do and and how softer it makes feel life too.