Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Manhattan Vintage Show - February 2015 Edition

You need something to cheer you up when venturing out into the kind of weather we've been having lately, so we teamed up with Carol Markel and went to the Manhattan Vintage Show.  You might remember she came with us to the last Manhattan Vintage show, too.  Carol, who writes the blog Femme et Fleur, is a magnet for color, which she wears in daring and creative ways.  Here she is with a vintage Christian Dior two piece.

We stopped into 2 Queens Vintage booth, where Valerie found these black Van Raalte lace gloves.

At Incogneeto, we found a marvelous pair of gold lame and suede shoes.  There were similar shoes at the Killer Heels exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.  It's heartening to know that shoes like these are still out there.  These are gorgeous enough that you'd want to just put them up on a pedestal for guests to admire.

Meika, of Another Man's Treasure, modeled this Hollywood-worthy beaded hat for us.

At the combined booth of Wayward Collection and Vagabondia Vintage, we found what turned out to be early 20th century magician's tables, complete with holes in the top for the rabbit to make his way into the magician's hat.

Leon's Vintage had this marvelous bejeweled bustier.

A new vendor, Mingei Japan, carries a variety of Japanese textiles, obi scarves, kimonos and other goodies

At The House of Findings we found this fabulous pink finding.

As always, the people were as interesting as the merchandise.  There were so many different looks!

This woman was wearing an enviable Betsey Johnson dress.  She said Betsey Johnson had a big blowout sale of archived stock some time ago.  Why didn't we go?  Why didn't we know?  

Another new vendor, andArchive, had a terrific selection of accessories and clothing. Jean could not resist trying these iconic glasses by designer Andre Courreges, who is, with Mary Quant credited with inventing the mini-skirt and go-go boots. Jean could also not resist making buzzing noises while wearing the fab eyewear.

Tangerine Boutique had a number of great hats on display, including this fetching little red number, with what look like butterfly antennae.

We ran into the ever-dapper Laurice at the show.

How's this for style? These vintage clogs with exaggerated toes were a knocklout. Too bad they were only size 6, or Jean would have pounced.

LuLu of Lulu's Vintage Lovelies popped this off her own head and placed it on Jean's.

Sheila Strong of Fools Gold modeled an amazing black and white hinged bakelite "Philadelphia" bracelet.

When Amanda Dolan of Spark Pretty asked Jean if she'd like to try on a Stephen Jones hat, she didn't have to ask twice!

Just inside the entrance to the showwas Lenore Newman's booth, aptly named Patina.  In addition to dresses and clothing, jewelry and accessories, she carries a wide selection of hats.

We loved this woman's look.  Sharp, sophisticated, androgynous, sexy, and so individual.

We always run into this woman at the Hollywood & Vine booth, and she's always beautifully and uniquely dressed.  Wish you could see her earrings, like huge red Pacman figures.  The missing piece in the Pacman shape echoes perfectly with the sawtooth pattern of her black velvet dress.

The sweater!  The brooch!  The swing skirt!  The hair!

It was worth visiting Tu Vintage just to see Sofia Rexach in her outfit.

This gent, big and tall, found a coat that fit him beautifully.  There was something for everyone!

Actress and comedienne Marilyn Sokol was one of the most colorfully dressed attendees. She said her custom hat was from Lynn Dell's Off Broadway Boutique.

Purvis and Fillipo, whom we first met a few years ago at the show when they were running Sunset Boulevard, took a bus man's holiday and came to the show to check out all the great stuff. And we got to check them out. Needless to say, when we spotted the feather bolero and hat, we knew immediately who it was.

The vendors as well as the visitors make for great people-watching. Isn't she gorgeous and aren't her braids fabulous?

This dynamic duo was hard to miss. The gent on the left designed his jacket which was embellished with buttons and beads.

StyleLikeU's Elisa Goodkind and DJ Louis XIV and their amazing one-eyed pooch.

We saved this grande dame for last. We hope to look this good in about five years.


  1. So that's where the rabbit comes from!? What glorious pieces you found - wish I could've attended. xox

  2. Ohhhh the hats! The outfits! The people! My day is complete before I finish my morning coffee.

  3. These photos bring back such memories of the October show - many of the same attendees and vendors! I wish I could go to the February and/or April one too. So nice to see Purvis and Fillipo! As always, marvelous hats and you can carry off all of them. The woman in the last photo has got style to spare - Wow!