Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get Off the Holiday Gift-Giving Treadmill!

When you are as opinionated as we are, buying anything for each other as a surprise is especially challenging and fraught with too many potential pitfalls to count. Luckily, a few years ago, we decided to simply take the angst out of our mutual holiday gift-giving process. "How?" you might ask? Easy! We both agreed to make donations to each other's favorite charity in lieu of exchanging presents.  Besides, everything we really need, we already have.  And anything new we need won't wait for a special occasion.

This year, Jean chose Social Tees Animal Rescue as her charity-of-choice (big surprise there!) and Valerie selected the World Wildlife Fund. Although it doesn't entirely assuage all of the guilt associated with America's overly commercialized, product-driven holiday season, it can come darn close.

We encourage you to take a step back and take a page out of our book. Give to charity and pay it forward. There are so many people and creatures great and small in dire need. Give it a try and see how great it feels!

Of course, we don't rule out a little holiday celebrating. After all, we're not saints. But we're in the market to spread a little cheer.

Our checks really are in the mail!!


  1. We stopped exchanging gifts, too - we have everything! Except that West Village condo, we still need that : > Brava to you both for making a difference with your donations. xox

  2. Yes! If only more people would adopt this attitude and donate to those who really need it (human or animal).

  3. I agree with your gift giving approach! Minimalist here as well, at least in this category. Wishing you a very merry holiday season!

  4. Hi! Great idea. Really you guys are doing a appreciable work. Many people have not this gut feeling so, really great... :-)