Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Gathering of the Clans - When Bloggers Intersect

Last week, we posted on the Manhattan Vintage Show and featured photos of two fellow bloggers we met over the internet with whom we've become friends: Shelley, the Forest City Fashionista and Patti of Not Dead Yet Style. Click on their links to view coverage of some of their New York adventures.

At last week's show, Elisa Goodkind, part of the brain trust behind StyleLikeU, took the above photo of the six of us (left to right): Tziporah Salamon; Patti (Not Dead Yet Style); Shelley (Forest City Fashionista); Jean and Valerie, and Tim John.

Patti joined us at the Metropolitan Pavilion just after getting off a plane from Florida, and headed back to meet her husband after the show.  Shelley joined us for cocktails at Casa Lever, nestled in the first building in so-called International Style for commercial purposes. (The United Nations was the first ever, but not for commercial purposes.)  We all had variations of the Frida Kahlo margarita and delicious snacks (sliders and parmigian french fries). It was an added treat to sit and relax and go over the highlights of Shelley's trip before she left the next morning to fly back to Toronto.  Added important  plus about Casa Lever: in addition to making creative and flavorful drinks with interesting ingredients, for the most part, you can actually hear what your dining companions are saying - without shouting!

Since Patti was staying for a full week. we made plans to meet her for cocktails yesterday afternoon, at The Standard Hotel's Cafe on the Bowery. Patti had red wine, Valerie had mulled red wine and Jean had a Hey Papa (minus the red wine, but with blanco tequila, jalapeno agave and lime).  We talked about everything from our pets to Rene Zellweger's new look to this Tuesday's elections to Ebola quarantines.  The conversation got quite lively after we added caffeine to the equation, of the latte and cappuccino variety. (Photo courtesy of our waitress.) Time sure flies when you're having fun.  Before we knew it, the sky was growing dark and evening was fast approaching.  We bid Patti bon voyage on her trip home and look forward to her next visit in May.

Who knew when we started our adventure in blogging that it would provide opportunities to connect with wonderful women of a certain age in Canada and Florida (and let's not forget our friend Judith, the Style Crone, in Denver)? It's an added and unexpected benefit that pays untold dividends.


  1. I love the 6 degrees (or less) of separation! I've had the pleasure of hanging out with the incomparable Judith aka Style Crone on multiple occasions, and I've followed Patti and Shelley for several years. Friends indeed! Love the camaraderie as evidenced in these pics. Y'all look great!! (Yes, I currently live in Atlanta and the ubiquitous "y'alll" is very convenient. Who knew?!) XXOO

  2. Gorgeous photos of bloggers that I admire and have followed for years. The gift of friendship that as you say, pays untold dividends. Toasting in Denver to Jean, Valerie, Shelley and Patti!

  3. I love when we all get to hang out together - meeting you wonderful dames has been such an unexpected fringe benefit of blogging. I wish I could have spent more time with Patti - perhaps next time. Glad to see Jean wearing her skull pin ;)

  4. What a pleasure spending time with you! I look forward to re-meeting in May. Cheers to you, xox.

  5. I wanna come next time! I love seeing you gals looking so amazing free and happy. Loved seeing the trip through Shelleys blog.