Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Life is Full of Paradox

Last Wednesday night, we attended the launch of Morphew by Paradox Design's showroom. In a brave new world where commerce often occurs entirely online, it is refreshing to see Paradox' amazing vintage clothing up close and personal. And to see it worn by uber-sleek models and chic employees while sipping Prosecco and schmoozing shamelessly? Divine! To learn more about Morphew, click here.

Case in point: Statuesque Bridgette Morphew, who was clearly running the joint, modeled a black embroidered shawl dress and hat.  The platform sandals put an exclamation point on her look.

Theo Banzon from Paradox Designs invited us to the event, for which we are most grateful. His minimalist, almost monastic outfit - a 180 degree change from previous outfits he's styled for himself - was perfectly paired with black leather sneakers with bright white soles.  Faithful readers recognize him from our posts on the Manhattan Vintage Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion. [Incidentally, the next Metropolitan Pavilion show is coming up soon - October 24-25!]

This gent was working an intriguing look, combining slit jeans and boots with red headgear.  Men are showing their knees this year!

How fabulous is this diaphanous Yohji Yamamoto dress on this tall drink of water?

And her shoes from United Nude! Why couldn't these have existed thirty years ago, when we coulda woulda worn them, instead of now, when we can only admire and covet them?!

A quick change artist, the model next wore a white and black jacket that Valerie really loved.  (You've seen it on the blog before.)  The models wore Egyptian-inspired jewelry by Eye of Ja.  And Marja Samsom's black and white polka dots were the perfect foil.

Her next outfit was an almost transparent white confection made up of unpaired halves of zippers and sequins.

This hand-sewn 1970s Herve Leger iconic bandage dress was another hit.  Of course, she had the body to carry it off!  And the attitude.

The selection of clothing ranged from 1880s through 1920s flapper dresses through the 1990s.  This bias-cut dress was so evocative of The Great Gatsby.

We loved meeting Marquis Bias and soon discovered we had similar tastes and are all fans of Comme des Garcons.  We all had to try on this amazing CDG jacket that is actually three jackets in one!

Who wore it better? you be the judge!

The inner off-white jacket has boning at the waist and only a left sleeve with the right side cut like a vest.  The outer jacket has only a right sleeve with the left side cut like a vest.

So, one could wear only the white jacket, or only the black jacket, or wear both together.

This lady demonstrated a black shrug that could be casual or dressy.

At the end of the evening, we shared an elevator with Marja and her new puppy Bibi, who was absolutely adorable and amazingly well behaved in a crowd of strangers.  (That's exactly what people say about us too!)


  1. I remember Theo from the Manhattan Vintage show last year, in fact, I have a photo of me with him and he is wearing his "Thelma" jacket. They had such cool stuff at their booth. The "three jackets in one" would be an excellent investment; I want one in red and black!

    Bibi is quite adorable.

  2. Of course, Bibi,was "absolutely adorable and amazingly well behaved".....she/he is a PUG !!!

    Oh, by-the-way, in the late 70's I had a fabulous pair of green platform shoes with cool cut-out and swervy heels...I used to love dancing in them!