Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We Can Still Do the Slide

First, a little eye candy appetizer.  At left, Valerie, unlike most of our politicians, doesn't mind clearly delineating the platform(s) she stands on.  At right, Jean brings new meaning to the old expression about wearing army boots.

But we digress (already!)

For the main course, two videos:

As usual, because we are technosaurs, we don't know how to fit the full sized video on the screen, so that's a miniaturized version to fit the blogspot frame. To see the video in all its full sized glory, click here. (Don't forget to click on the little box icon in the bottom right hand corner - just beneath the time line - that makes the video full screen size.)

And now the second video:

As before, for the full sized video, in technicolor, cinemascope and stereoscopic sound, click here.

And we'd like to point out that throughout the videos our hats and dresses stay in place, and afterwards we could easily have gone to a luncheon at the Plaza Hotel. Well - that's if we'd been invited, of course.


  1. Brava! Fun to hear your laughter, as you "do the slide" with style.

  2. Excellent dismount, both of you! I love Jean's salute before she takes the plunge. I'm not a big fan of the slide, but I will jump at the chance to have a swing.