Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All the Strutting at Fashion Week Isn't on the Catwalk!

In our last post, we focused on the designers and the models and clothes on the runway. Now, we're covering the people at New York Fashion Week, because not all the strutting was done by the runway models.  That's us at Pier 59 in our (ahem) front row seats. Because seating is cheek-to-cheek, so to speak, you have to stow your coats under your seat or hold them in your laps.  (And you have to be reeeeed thin to fit in your allotted space, or hope that someone doesn't show up.)  As you can see, by our third show, we are pros and totally unencumbered by our outwear. Who said old dogs - or cats - couldn't learn new tricks?

Uhura Moor (left) wore a wonderful veil, and braided her hair forward.  Her companion wore multifaceted glasses and carried a sign reading "R.I.P. Fashion".

We loved this cute couple!

We ran into artist Marco Santaniello and Jason Kim several times during fashion week.

Everything about this woman was off the beaten track, but click on the photo to get a better look at her glasses.  Sort of reminiscent of vintage Theo, and several others.  (Quick, name the others for us!)

Waiting for one of the shows to begin, we met Emro and Sami who were wonderfully charming. We discovered the brand KTZ on our outing to Dover Street Market, so we had to compliment Emro on his fab KTZ sweater -- and Balenciaga trousers!

The hat!  And the smile!  And everything else!

Steven Tibaudo had the best hair, hands down, of any man we saw during fashion week. He paired high cut boots with shorts - very daring given the outside temperatures! He designs stylish bowties.  (It is hard to see his black bowtie against the back shirt.) Check out his website.

Stylist and artist Faustina Rose is outrageously wonderful. Her black and white Cruella de Ville  hair-do is her current trademark.  Both times we ran into her (here and below) she was wearing phenomenal headgear.  These are by Philomena Kwok of Australia.

Faustina is a chameleon, managing to look amazing but totally different from one day to the next. She was sporting this take on Chinese headgear later in fashion week. While her Instagram name isn't printable here (we're a family blog, you know), do click on her name and link to her website.

When we met Lexx Perry in the lounge at Lincoln Center and commented on his eyewear and studded accessories, we were thrilled to learn he did the accessories for Katya Leonovich's runway show. Check out his website, too!

Check out Lexx's crazy metal specs on Valerie, who gives them a totally different look than his heavy metal vibe.

Hatmaker Anthony Maxwell, shown here on the plaza with a friend (whose name escapes us), designed the headgear and fascinators for Katya Leonovich's show.  Henri Bendel carries his hats!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Loved this guy and his immediate reaction to the camera.

Everything about this lady is great!

Corey Grant Tippen is one of our favorite people. Students of our blog will remember him from our coverage of Mauricio and Roger Padilha's book signing and show at FIT on Antonio Lopez. Corey and model Pat Cleveland, both frequent subjects of Antonio's illustrations, participated in a panel discussion with Mauricio and Roger that was as entertaining as it was informative. He and Pat also attended the Museum of the City of New York's show on "Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced" and Mao PR's 15th Anniversary Party last Fashion Week. Jean was thrilled to get up close and personal with Corey who was also wearing a touch of leopard.  Check out his website:

We spotted this lady looking tres chic and tres sleek in all black.

Roger Padilha and Mayra from MAO Public Relations before the beginning of Karolyn Pho's show at Pier 59.

We were intrigued by the gradations of tassels on this gent's coat.  We're all for men getting a little out there with their clothes.

Jean met Jillian last September at the SkinGraft show (when Valerie was down for the count with her broken ankle.)  Valerie finally got to make her acquaintance. Jillian is pals with Faustina (figures, right?) and  was wearing the most amazing multi-colored faux monkey jacket that was nothing if not fabulous.  And don't fail to check out her pale purple hair.

No surprise that we ran into Victor of 3PTPOP.

The dapper Eric Owens posed for a photo with us on the plaza.

Loved this gent's tunic and harness. Haven't we been telling you about harnesses?  And did you see (it was all over the news) Lady Gaga wearing  Zana Bayne's bat belt on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show? (Just wait till we get harnesses of our own…!)

Jean's theory is that it isn't fashion week without Jared. We'd seen him at the last three, so as days passed without a sighting, we were beginning to wonder. Not to worry! We finally ran into him (left) and his two friends toward the end of the week, keeping our mutual winning streaks intact.  We had met the other two earlier in the day, not knowing they were friends of Jared's when we complimented one on his Dior turban.  Small world!

We ran into Cocoa Bella (you've seen her here before), just back from Ghana.  Never a dull moment with Cocoa, who's now making a documentary and working on a music video.  And sporting plaids.

We admired architect George Foreman's neckpiece. When we complimented him on it, we were impressed to learn it was his own design. We don't have a website for him, but do have his email. If your interested in contacting him, give us your email in a comment and we'll forward it to him.

Loved this woman's hairdo!

The last time we saw this tall gentleman, he and a companion were both wearing head-to-toe silver suits (and he was wearing shorts). Nice to know he maintains his color palette, even if in warmer fabrics.

Another fabulous look on the plaza, and the red lipstick is wonderful.

Ta-ta!  Hope you enjoyed our tales and photos. Can't wait til the next Fashion Week in September, when it is warmer!


  1. The headwear in this post is beyond fabulous. I have bookmarked two sites in my 'hat' category. I was especially taken with Philomena Kwok's designs! And of course the hats that the two of you are wearing.

  2. Off the catwalk fashion is fantastic - thanks for showing us!

  3. This is my maiden voyage with Idiosyncratic Fashionistas and I am transported. You awakened me on a so-so day and left me smiling, glowing, dancing. You have a new follower and friend. I so loved meeting you both at Carol's amazing and wonderful Hat Shop in a Box. Dolores

  4. Now I know who got the black and white hat I wanted!!! Looks grand on Jean.

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