Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Day of 2014


Wearing our tres chic Happy New Year blinking plastic tiaras in the shadow of Lady Liberty, we are sashaying into the New Year, filled with optimism and hope for a joyful and wonderful 2014!

We saw this Keith Haring sculpture*  just a block away from the Statue of Liberty ferry terminal, and had to engage in some unplanned silliness.  (Photos courtesy of bemused but accommodating out-of-towners from Liverpool and France.)

Then, to warm the cockles of our hearts, we dashed quickly off to the nearby Ritz Carlton for - - can you guess?  The bartender was persuaded to combine ingredients from two separate drinks into a customized pomegranate, pear, pineapple and prosecco cocktail. (Try saying that 3 times fast!  Especially after you've finished it.)

Check out how the drinks matched Jean's outfit.  No, no - we know you think we planned it, but we didn't, even though it looks like our stylist worked on it for hours.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen blow in the New Year. Their hats hint at the show they're now doing on Broadway - "Waiting for Godot". As for who did it better, we think it's a toss up.

Best wishes for a fabulous New Year!
Join us in 2014 for more adventures and FUN-filled escapades.

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing an Amy Downs hat; Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil dress; Ivan Grundhal tube skirt; High Use coat; DIY custom Dansko clogs; red poly mittens from street vendor; red beaded necklace and earrings from Heydari; vintage glasses from Fabulous Fanny's; vintage bakelite and gold rings.

Valerie is wearing: purplish shearling hat by Owen Barry, Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat under Andrew Fezza man's bathrobe, teeny purple crinkly Krizia dress worn as a scarf, Perry Ellis jacket, Issey Miyake pants, Icon shoes in Gustav Klimt print.

Many thanks to Daniel, who took great pains to frame the Statue of Liberty between us for our opening photo, and to his very patient wife Jodie for allowing us to borrow his services.  They're just in for the week from Liverpool.

*Untitled (Two Dancing Figures) 1989 Painted Aluminum, Lever House Art Collection


  1. I can't wait to see what you two have in store for us in the new year. Thank you for sharing your fun-filled day with us!

    Sirs McKellan and Stewart hanging out together never fail to fill me with glee. (:

  2. We hope all your wishes come true in 2014! xxoo

  3. You really know how to celebrate! Happy New Year to you both and will be following your glamorous and fun filled adventures in 2014!

  4. Very cool! Love the pictures!