Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rose Hartman's Book Signing @ Rizzoli

Just before the weather finally warmed up, we attended photographer Rose Hartman's book signing at Rizzoli on 57th Street.

Rose's book, "Incomparable Women of Style", was published last year by ACC Editions.  Rose donated a portion of the proceeds of the Rizzoli event's book sales to benefit the Women's Project Theater. Do yourself a favor. What are you waiting for? If you haven't already gotten your own copy, pick one up or go on line and get one. Not only are the photographs a treat, they also chronicle an era. Supermodel Linda Evangelista graces the book's cover.  (Did you know she's been on over six hundred magazine covers?!)  Inside, photos of Kate Moss, just after she had been discovered and become the face of grunge, are like a window onto fashion history. Some of Rose's shots are iconic, like the one of Bianca Jagger on horseback, celebrating her birthday at Studio 54, and another of Jerry Hall and Andy Warhol, looking thick as thieves. To learn more about photograph Rose Hartman, her book and her work, click here or go to: http://rosehartmanphotography,com/

In addition to having books you won't find anywhere else, Rizzoli's is a jewel box of a space, with intricately drawn and well maintained plaster friezes on the ceiling and brass lighting fixtures suspended on chains to light the space.  Valerie posed on the balcony overlooking the main entrance.

This detail of the plasterwork ceiling gives you an idea of the unique and visually arresting space.

Triple R! Rose is flanked by Roy and Ryan, a very dapper (and tall) pair of bookends.

Designer Adrienne Landau attended the event wearing the most luxurious cape. (Yes, it really was that cold that evening.)

Rose wore one of Adrienne's designs, this very graphic black and white maribou feather jacket.

Valerie and this lovely lady surveyed the crowd. Her terrific boots also give you an idea of how chilly it was that late Spring evening. (Sure wish we could remember her name.)

Lucia Hwong Gordon of the Women's Theater Project, designer Ryan Nessing and Jean.

How could we end our Rizzoli adventure without another closeup of that amazing ceiling?  Rose is doing another book signing next week on June 18th to benefit a Hamptons Animal Shelter.

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  1. Here is what is wrong with your blog. It is so fantastic, so interesting and so lovely that I get so excited when I visit that I forget to purchase your book - not this AM. Now I have a divine book on its way for summer fun. Liz