Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diner Dinner

One of the added benefits of attending vintage shows in New York is not just to ogle a dazzling array of beautiful clothing and accessories, but also to meet and reconnect with an amazing group of vendors. Over the past few years, we've been lucky enough to become friends with a couple from California, Liz and Michael, and their New York friends Hannah and Vita. Last weekend, we descended upon the Diner on Bowery for a farewell dinner before most of them scatter far and wide. Vita is in town for holiday break from her university studies in Berlin; Liz and Michael are store-sitting for a friend with a brand new baby. Although this photo of us just outside the restaurant shows how foggy it was, you can also see the fabulous neon sign like a beacon in the night. From the left in the photo: Vita and her mother Hannah Kurland, Valerie, Liz Baca and Jean. Photo courtesy of Michael.

Since Michael was behind the camera taking all the pictures at Diner, here's a pic of Michael with his partner Liz, a West Coast dealer of vintage clothing and jewelry, taken in December, at Marmalade, one of our favorite vintage stores, at their holiday party. We met Liz through Hannah, Marmalade's owner.  Vita will be returning to Germany and Liz and Michael are heading back to Oakland soon.

To view our prior escapades with Hannah, Vita and Liz, click on the following:

The fabulous BooBoo.

BooBoo, Liz and Michael's rescue dog, sat so quietly in Liz's bag during the meal, we weren't even aware he was along for the ride until we'd already left the restaurant. Even with one eye, he is as cute as a button and is an absolute sweetheart. For more photos of Liz and BooBoo, go to

Before we went our separate ways at the end of the evening, a passerby offered to shoot a picture of all four of us.  (Anyone who wants to complain about rude New Yorkers will have to talk to us first.)  Don't you love Vita's pink hair? That was her fabulous solution for coping with the depressingly cold Berlin weather!

Oh! We nearly forgot! The drinks:

Here's Jean's pretty-in-pink margarita, a concoction with tequila and jalapeno and other delicious ingredients which we've completely forgotten.  (And no ice!)

Valerie's choice was a pina colada with cardamom and a hint of jalapeno (everything has a hint of jalapeno these days). (And no ice!)

Apropos of Nothing

For those of you who were expecting a whole lot more fashion, let's just call this one fantasy dessert. By Chinese designer Ye Yaoya. Why is this on a guy?  We want it too!

While we continue to post twice a week, we intend to try to keep our Wednesday posts shorter (seems like we failed today...) while our Sunday posts will continue in their normal grandiloquent, stream of consciousness manner!

What we're wearing:

Jean is wearing: an Ignatius hat; faux goat jacket by Amaya Arzuaga; Timbuktu dropped crotch pants; Underground creepers; Made Her Think cross-body bag; vintage bakelite earrings.

Valerie is wearing: vintage black conical feather hat, plastic target earrings, Searle swing coat (from a thrift shop), Betsey Johnson pants and Bernie Mev black suede shoes from a $15 table at a local shoe store.  It was the last pair.  Unseen, my own version of Jean's goat jacket (but all synthetic).  The one time we get our act together to dress sort of alike, we forget to photograph the occasion.  How typical!


  1. What fun! Those drinks look scrumptious. Booboo is adorable!!

  2. I am envious that you got to hang out with Hannah, Vita and Liz, all of whom I met at the Manhatten Vintage show in 2011. Vita's pink hair is fabulous! I had seen photos of Booboo on Stylelikeu and he is the cutest little guy. The fact that he is portable, and quiet makes him the ideal doggie!

  3. Of course - no ice! Yummm!

    The evening sounds and looks delightful. Love the hats, the pink hair and the adorable BooBoo.