Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're in a Van She Music Video!

We are absolutely thrilled to be in the music video for Van She's latest album called "Idea of Happiness". One of our favorite songs from the album -- "Jamaica" -- is the background song for our video.

Van She is an Australian Electro-pop group founded a decade ago in 2002. They just appeared in New York earlier this month and are currently on tour promoting their new album.

Click below to see us in action!

Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style and videographer Lina Plioplyte collaborated on our video as the first of a series for the band on the idea of happiness. It is now on Youtube and we hope it goes viral!  We love this picture (below) that Jean snapped of Lina and Ari that evening.  They had both just gotten back from a whirlwind trip to LA and were totally jet-lagged.  The light was just magical and the weather was incredibly comfortable after the heat wave had broken and the temperature and humidity dropped dramatically.  It was like all the planets had aligned and the universe was tilted in our favor.

On August 4th, Ari posted an Advanced Style blog entry with photos of us which he so aptly titled "Graphic Fashion".  He was very cagey and didn't let the cat out of the bag about the true nature of the shoot. On October 12th, he announced the video's release in a second Advanced Style posting titled "Van She x Advanced Style X Idiosyncratic Fashionistas".

The photos we took in front of the John Chamberlin sculptures outside the Seagram's Building in August make much more sense now that the video has been released. We posted about our outing at the Seagram's building in our own mid-August posting called "When Blogs Collide".

And there you probably thought we didn't have any musical talent!

Who knows what mischief we'll get into next? Stick around, kiddies! Who said blondes have more fun?


  1. I saw a little bit of you, ladies, yesterday on KATIE in the segment with Marla just make me smile!!! Keep are fabulous!

  2. I loved this video when I saw it on Ari's blog and still do...great ideas of what happiness is, and I would add that happiness is spending time with the Idiosycratic Fashionistas!

  3. Smashing - thank you so much or reminding all of us young and old that happiness is truly a state of mind, we need it now more than ever.